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IL Supreme Court denies Erin Andrews' request to continue lawsuit vs hotel booking firm over stalking

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 31, 2017, 7:17pm

An attempt by sportscaster Erin Andrews to sue a Chicago-based company that managed an online reservation system for a Columbus, Ohio, hotel in which a stalker illegally recorded her from a neighboring room, appears to have ended.

Judge: Dentist must pay $29K for allegedly ordering Muslim woman assistant to not wear hijab at work

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 31, 2017, 6:46pm

A Cook County judge has ordered a Chicago dentist to pay an ex-employee, who is a Muslim woman, and her attorneys a combined sum of nearly $30,000 in fines, fees and damages, after the judge found the Chicago Council on Human Relations was correct to find the dentist had improperly ordered her to remove her hijab head covering while at work.

Class actions: PeopleLooker, InstantCheckmate, Intelius wrongly sell ads using users' names

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 30, 2017, 4:15pm

After filing a class action lawsuit against online personal information provider Spokeo, the legal team behind that lawsuit has brought at least three other class actions against similar online operators, claiming their web search advertising practices also have violated an Illinois privacy law by using a web search advertising trick to use people’s names to market their online people search products.

Wife of bankruptcy lawyer Geraci OK to sue condo association for not granting access to dog-free elevators

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 27, 2017, 10:07pm

A Chicago federal judge has cleared the way for Holly Geraci, the wife of prominent Chicago bankruptcy lawyer Peter Francis Geraci, to proceed with her lawsuit against the association that manages the condo building in which she lives, saying Geraci has presented a strong enough case so far to be allowed to press ahead on her claims the condo association unleashed a plot to terrorize her by forcing her to potentially share the condo building’s elevators with dogs, despite her contentions the dogs triggered her diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from a dog attack years earlier.

Class action settled vs Trump campaign over unauthorized text messages

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 27, 2017, 9:17pm

A class action lawsuit alleging Donald Trump’s presidential campaign texted people without their permission has been dismissed, court documents show. And the plaintiff in the case has told The Cook County Record the case was setttled. 

Jury OKs $5.2M for couple injured in downstate crash with decoupled trailer

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 26, 2017, 4:25pm

A Chicago federal jury has awarded $5.2 million to a couple injured in a 2012 crash with a trailer loaded with vegetable oil that decoupled from a truck on Interstate 57 near downstate Effingham.

Lawsuit vs Spokeo alleges online info company's personalized ads broke IL identity protection law

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 25, 2017, 6:41pm

Spokeo, a company whose name has become synonymous with a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the impact of which remains a heavily debated topic in class action litigation across the country, has been served with a new class action lawsuit in Chicago, this time brought by an Illinois woman who claims the company has violated Illinois law by using a web search advertising trick to use her name and those of others to market its online people search products.

CPS officials back $155M annual building maintenance deal for private vendors, despite budget woes

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 24, 2017, 6:22pm

In the wake of a decision by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to kill a $215 million state bailout for Chicago Public Schools’ pension funds, the Chicago Board of Education is expected to vote on whether to dole out about $155 million annually to two private vendors to take charge of building maintenance at about 470 Chicago public schools.

Deal announced to end lawsuit over condition of historic jet car loaned to Museum of Science & Industry

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 23, 2017, 10:58pm

Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and legendary driver Craig Breedlove have reached an agreement to end their legal dispute over the condition of the historic jet-propelled car in which Breedlove set two land speed records in the 1960s. On Jan. 23, the museum and Breedlove issued a joint statement confirming they had reached the deal to end Breedlove’s lawsuit against MSI for the museum’s alleged mistreatment of the car, dubbed the Spirit of America.

Judge: Allstate must pay fired portfolio security analysts $27M over defamatory SEC filing

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 23, 2017, 4:53pm

A federal judge has refused to overturn a jury’s decision to order Allstate to pay four fired investment portfolio analysts more than $27 million, saying the case showed there was “ample evidence” the company had ruined the analysts’ careers by incorrectly reporting to federal regulators that pension funds the analysts had helped manage had been shorted by fund managers seeking to time trades to boost their own bonuses.

Chicago tax on car rentals outside city limits unconstitutional stretch of power, IL Supreme Court says

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 20, 2017, 4:13pm

The city of Chicago cannot require car rental businesses located outside city limits to collect city taxes on rental cars leased by Chicago city residents, the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled, striking down as unconstitutional a city ordinance seeking to slap a tax on cars rented within three miles of Chicago city limits.

Lawyers behind NCAA concussion settlement request combined $21M in fees

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 18, 2017, 5:28pm

Laywers behind the nationwide concussion class action lawsuit against the NCAA, which resulted in a $70 million settlement to improve “medical monitoring” of college athletes at risk of brain injuries, have now asked a Chicago federal judge to award them attorney fees of $15 million. And attorneys with Edelson P.C., who represented an objector to the initial settlement and claims their work added $50 million to the settlement, has requested the court order an additional $6 million in fees.

Appeals court: Cook Circuit Clerk misinterpreted state law, can be sued for wrongly collecting fees

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 18, 2017, 4:08pm

The Cook County Circuit Clerk’s office has misinterpreted a state law allowing it to collect fees from people filing certain motions in court, a state appeals court has said, clearing the way for a Chicago man and his attorney to pursue their lawsuit to secure a court order forcing the clerk’s office to stop demanding the money.

Ex-Wrigley rooftop owner among four lawyers disbarred, eight suspended in Illinois in January

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 17, 2017, 11:17pm

A lawyer and businessman who formerly owned the Skybox on Sheffield rooftop club overlooking Wrigley Field has been disbarred just days after he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for allegedly concealing more than $1 million in revenue. Marc Hamid was one of four Illinois attorneys disbarred by the Illinois Supreme Court in January; eight others were suspended.

Ex-Jewel-Osco store managers sue for age discrimination, allege company set them up to fail

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 17, 2017, 7:46pm

Four former Jewel Osco store managers, each between 59-61 years old, have sued the Chicago area supermarket chain for age discrimination, claiming they were set up to fail and replaced for being too old.

IL Supreme Court mulls legality of hospital property tax exemptions; could await better test case

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 13, 2017, 5:23pm

The Illinois Supreme Court could soon decide whether hospitals in Illinois should be allowed to avoid paying property taxes, or whether a state law used to grant them tax exemptions should be declared unconstitutional. Or the court could simply sidestep the matter for now, and instead await the arrival of a different case better suited for addressing the sticky legal questions.

$4.25M deal ends litigation vs Northern Trust over 'hundreds of millions' in losses for public pensions

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 12, 2017, 11:21pm

A Chicago federal judge has signed off on a $4.25 million settlement to end years of litigation between financial investment firm Northern Trust Co. and a host of public worker retirement plans in Chicago and elsewhere in the U.S. over claims Northern Trust’s allegedly risky investment decisions had led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for the retirement programs when markets crashed at the onset of the Great Recession.

Cook County judge: No new trial, $52M medmal verdict stands vs U of Chicago Medical Center

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 11, 2017, 4:38pm

A Cook County judge has upheld most of a jury’s $53 million medical malpractice verdict awarded to the family of a boy born with cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability, and rejected an attempt by the University of Chicago Medical Center to secure a new trial to reduce or undo most of what is considered the largest malpractice verdict ever awarded in Cook County.

Bensenville homeowners, Chicago skirmish in Cook court over right to sue City Hall for O'Hare air traffic

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 10, 2017, 6:51pm

The legal dogfight between the city of Chicago and dozens of Bensenville homeowners, who say air traffic from O'Hare's busy new runway has demolished their quality of life, has returned to Cook County court, where attorneys for City Hall and the homeowners are now skirmishing over the question of precisely when the homeowners’ problems began.

Cities, counties can't enact right-to-work laws, judge says; Lincolnshire ordinance tossed

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 9, 2017, 4:32pm

Cities, villages and counties don’t have the authority under federal law to impose local right-to-work rules on employers, workers and unions, a Chicago federal judge has said, tossing out a right-to-work ordinance enacted by the village of Lincolnshire in 2015.