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Judge tosses Slovakian painter's sex discrimination suit vs Morton HS District, laments law can't apply

Jonathan Bilyk Aug. 2, 2016, 5:17pm

A male Slovakian painter who formerly worked at Morton East High School has failed in his bid to make the district and his former supervisors pay for failing to stop what a federal judge described as “appalling” harassment from his coworkers.

Divided IL Supreme Court tosses rule protecting police, fire depts from lawsuits, says rule outdated, despite precedent

Jonathan Bilyk Jan. 22, 2016, 4:53pm

For decades, Illinois cities, villages, fire protection districts and others providing police, fire protection and ambulance services have enjoyed general immunity from lawsuits brought by plaintiffs who may accuse paramedics, firefighters and police officers of failing to provide the level of protection or response individuals may believe they should have. On Jan. 22, however, a majority of justices on the Illinois Supreme Court decided the time had come to undo the judicial rule.