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Chicago red light plaintiffs want another try, attack 'convenient' dismissal as legally flawed

Jonathan Bilyk May 6, 2016, 9:58am

The plaintiffs behind what a judge called a “Herculean challenge” to the city of Chicago’s red light camera program have returned to Cook County court, saying they deserve another shot at arguing their case because a Cook County judge who dismissed their case in April not only erred, but in the process “ended up creating brand-new ‘rules’ of Illinois law.” On May 2, a group of plaintiffs led by named plaintiff Terie Kata, filed a motion to reconsider their class action lawsuit against the city o

Judge: Chicago red light cameras, enabling state law valid, constitutional

Jonathan Bilyk Apr. 1, 2016, 9:17pm

The city of Chicago will be allowed to continue to hand out tickets to motorists caught on camera running red lights after a Cook County judge garaged another legal challenge arguing both the city’s ordinance and a state law enabling cities, villages and counties within the Chicago and St. Louis metropolitan areas to set up red light camera systems were valid and constitutional.