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Bus drivers' federal class action says First Student has shorted them wages, overtime

Dana Herra Oct. 15, 2015, 11:31am

A group of 65 school bus drivers has filed a class action lawsuit against bus company First Student on behalf of potentially thousands of other bus drivers, claiming the company has made a habit of underpaying its drivers. Attorneys Karl W. Roth and William P. Foley of the Roth Law Group, of Chicago, filed the action Tuesday, Oct. 13, in federal court in Chicago.

FLSA Rising: Ever-shifting wage, hour standards promise to keep employers, lawyers struggling to keep up with law

Stephanie N. Grimoldby Aug. 25, 2015, 11:47am

The increase of wage and hour lawsuits being filed in Chicago federal courts in the last 25 years is reflective of a national trend. And with two new notifications from the U.S. Department of Labor regarding revised Fair Labor Standards Act regulations and an updated interpretation of worker classification, area litigators not only expect to see FLSA suits on the rise again, but to see businesses overhaul their structures.

FLSA Rising: Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuits up sharply, still surging in federal courts

Stephanie N. Grimoldby Aug. 20, 2015, 9:18am

This is the first installment in a series examining labor litigation brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In Chicago and nationwide, the number of wage and hour lawsuits filed under the FLSA has been steadily on the rise for most of the past 25 years. And area lawyers expect to see yet another spike in litigation as employers and employees alike see what will come of further changes to the rules governing enforcement of the FLSA by the U.S. Department of Labor.