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'Strong' court challenges likely if IL blocks FanDuel, DraftKings from legal sports betting market: Report

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 17, 2019

The state of Illinois could face a swift constitutional legal challenge should it enact legislation to legalize sports betting that includes a provision designed to block online fantasy sports giants FanDuel and Draft Kings from the market, to benefit the state’s existing casinos, according to attorneys hired by one of the fantasy sports companies.

Judge: Cops not required to include personal 'private info' on public crash reports to lawyers seeking clients

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 15, 2019

Lawyers who use police accident reports to find clients and drum up business can’t use state open records laws to force police departments to provide addresses and insurance policy numbers for people involved in traffic crashes, a Cook County judge has ruled.

Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, Willowbrook, Darien ask court to let them sue Sterigenics, along with Illinois

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 14, 2019

With the state of Illinois’ legal gambit to shut down a Willowbrook medical device sterilization facility now back in DuPage County court, two more suburbs - Burr Ridge and Hinsdale - have added their names to the list of municipal governments seeking to join the court action as plaintiffs.

Ex-Loyola Academy girls soccer coach sues school: 'False' accusations about 'inappropriate comments' ruined career

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 13, 2019

A former girls soccer coach at a North Shore Catholic high school has served his former employers with a defamation lawsuit, saying they ruined his coaching career and smeared his reputation based on allegedly false reports he had “verbally abused” and made “inappropriate comments” to the girls on his team at Loyola Academy.

Sterigenics court fight worries health care sector over short-, long-term impacts of effort to restrict EO use

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 9, 2019

As the court fight continues over the fate of Sterigenics’ medical device sterilization plant in Willowbrook, the company and others are working to draw attention to the health care side effects of this and possible further moves by Illinois state officials and lawmakers to further restrict access to the sterilizing agent ethylene oxide.

Judge: Dispute over whether Pritzker broke law in shutting down Sterigenics belongs in state, not federal, court

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 6, 2019

Medical device sterilizer Sterigenics will not find any relief from federal courts, after a federal judge ruled its dispute over Gov. JB Pritzker’s order closing Sterigenics’ Willowbrook facility belongs in state court.

Chicago says IL comptroller wrongly intercepting millions in state grant dollars over pensions

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 3, 2019

The city of Chicago has filed suit against the Illinois state Comptroller’s office and pension boards for its police officers and other city workers, accusing the pension funds and the comptroller of wrongly intercepting state grant funds otherwise owed to the city because the pension funds say the city has shorted its pension contributions.

Doctors' group says NFL shut down payments for retired players' care to hide disability, brain injury

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 2, 2019

A scrum between a Chicago area medical group and the National Football League has touched down in Chicago’s courts, with the operators of the clinics accusing the NFL of leaning on insurers to cut their payments after the clinicians began to side with retired players seeking disability status for brain injuries and other maladies.

Class action: Union must refund millions in unconstitutional fees taken from non-union IL state workers

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 1, 2019

A group of non-union Illinois state employees say their union illegally forced them to continue paying fees to the union, even when the union knew the fees were likely to be declared unconstitutional. Now, those workers have asked a federal judge to order the union to refund the money.

Institute for Justice class action: Chicago car impound system unconstitutional 'racket'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 30, 2019

The city of Chicago has been hauled into court over its towing and vehicle impoundment practices, accused of forcing “even innocent (car) owners” to navigate a “labyrinthine” system that particularly hammers those who can least afford it and can illegally cost "innocent owners" tens of thousands of dollars or even their cars.

Appeals panel: Widow doesn't get to collect $60K insurance for man who hanged himself while masturbating

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 29, 2019

The widow of a man who died when he allegedly accidentally hanged himself when an apparent act of autoerotic asphyxiation went wrong, should not be able to collect an additional $60,000 in insurance coverage from his death, a federal appeals panel has ruled.

Class action: KraftHeinz allowed investors on board to insider trade, dodge billions in stock losses

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 26, 2019

KraftHeinz has been hit with a class action brought by a group of investors who accuse the company of allowing one of its leading investors to engage in insider trading, using information not available to other investors to avoid billions of dollars in losses to the value of the company’s stock.

Facebook: Just because IL residents use Facebook, doesn't mean Cook County can sue Facebook in IL

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 25, 2019

Saying to allow the legal action to continue would effectively allow internet companies to be sued virtually everywhere, at any time, Facebook has asked a Cook County judge to dismiss or at least place on hold a lawsuit brought by Cook County’s state’s attorney over claims the social media giant allowed user data to be mined by another firm to aid President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

CN, Dylan's Candybar, Pete's Market, Freudenburg Household Products among latest sued for scanning worker fingerprints

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 24, 2019

Freight rail operator CN, Dylan's Candybar, Pete's Market and the maker of Vileda and O'Cedar cleaning products are among the employers hit with class actions, as the lawsuits under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act continue to multiply.

Ranchers lawsuit: Meat packers squeezed cattle prices, even as consumers paid record retail beef prices

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 24, 2019

A group of cattle ranchers have filed suit in Chicago federal court, accusing four of the largest meat processors in the U.S. of squeezing ranchers by manipulating the market to drive down the price they paid for beef cattle, even as consumer beef prices remained near their peak.

Nigerian brothers: Smollett's lawyers smeared them after charges vs Smollett dropped, endangered their family

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 23, 2019

The Nigerian brothers at the heart of the alleged hate crime hoax involving actor Jussie Smollett have sued Smollett’s attorneys, asserting the lawyers’ statements to the press about the fake attack and the brothers following the decision to drop charges against Smollett have destroyed the brothers’ reputation, cost them career opportunities and even endangered their lives and the lives of their families in Nigeria.

Cook Sheriff asks judge for new try to punish Backpage's lawyers, says helped Backpage lie about sex trafficking

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 22, 2019

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has asked a federal judge to reconsider his decision to not order sanctions against the lawyers who represented in litigation against the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, saying new testimony from Backpage’s indicted CEO showed lawyers from the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine knew more than they said about the online classified site’s success at using cryptocurrency and other alternative routes to evade the sheriff’s try to shut Backpage down over sex trafficking.

Cook County State's Attorney Foxx joins court fight over fate of Melrose Park hospital

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 19, 2019

In the wake of a state appeals court’s decision appearing to block a bid by the village of Melrose Park to prevent the closure of a hospital in the western suburban community, embattled Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx has joined the fray.

Surveys: Class action lawsuits up again in 2018; Settlements down $1B, but businesses spent $2.4B to defend

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 18, 2019

Businesses in Illinois and elsewhere in the U.S. faced a growing challenge from class action lawsuits in 2018, and that number is only expected to grow, as plaintiffs’ lawyers continue to open new avenues to bring potentially massive legal actions, two recent surveys have found.

IL Supreme Court reinstates restraining order on Melrose Park hospital closure; appeals court had thrown it out

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 18, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court has reinstated, for now, a temporary restraining order on the closure of a Melrose Park hospital, after a state appeals panel had earlier ruled the restraining order had been granted wrongly, because the village of Melrose Park had no power under the law to request the action.

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