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Dollar General customer seeks to ignite class action over alleged failings of store brand motor oil

By Scott Holland | Feb 13, 2016

Dollar General’s marketing of its store-brand motor oil has one customer targeting the discount retailer with a class action complaint worth at least $5 million, alleging the oil is at best of little use and, at worst, can actually damage the engines of most cars in which it is poured.

Judge tosses false claims class action vs makers of 'wonder drug' supplement Anatabloc

By Scott Holland | Feb 12, 2016

A class action lawsuit targeting the maker of a “wonder drug” nutritional supplement has been shelved after a federal judge tossed the complaint of two men who claimed they had been misled by the supplement makers’ claims regarding the product’s effectiveness at treating arthritis and other inflammation.

Jackie Robinson West parents sue Little League, ESPN, say wrongly accused them of cheating to win 2014 title

By Scott Holland | Feb 11, 2016

Parents of players on a controversy-plagued Chicago Little League baseball team are striking back against organized baseball and national media outlets the parents say wrongly accused them and their children of cheating to win the U.S. Little League crown.

Class action alleges GroupOn uses Instagram photos without permission to promote deals

By Scott Holland | Feb 9, 2016

An Instagram user has brought a class action against Groupon, arguing Chicago-based e-commerce deal provider has been wrongly using photos posted to Instagram to promote deals crafted by Groupon for restaurants and other businesses.

George Lucas Museum foes score win in latest episode of saga over fate of lakefront site

By Scott Holland | Feb 5, 2016

Opponents of the George Lucas museum proposed for Chicago’s lakefront have won the latest episode in the long running legal wars over the planned attraction, after a federal judge refused to dismiss their lawsuit against the city and park district.

Target can't dismiss injury lawsuit brought by family of child hurt skateboarding inside Vernon Hills store

By Scott Holland | Feb 3, 2016

Target must continue to defend itself in a liability suit after a federal judge refused to dismiss the complaint of a family whose child was injured riding an unsold skateboard inside a Vernon Hills store.

Class actions say Purina, Wellpet brand 'made in USA' dog foods actually aren't

By Scott Holland | Feb 2, 2016

A woman and dog owner from west central Illinois has brought class action lawsuits against two dog food makers, alleging their kibble, while marketed as “made in the USA,” actually includes ingredients sourced from outside the U.S., placing American dogs at risk and violating state consumer fraud laws.

Lawsuit over slow settlement payments would pit plaintiffs class vs defendant class of claim processors

By Scott Holland | Jan 29, 2016

After saying he waited too long to get money owed him from the settlement of a personal injury lawsuit, a Cook County man is seeking legal retribution, bringing a class action on behalf of other potential plaintiffs like him against the company he has blamed for the delay in paying him, as well as other companies he said may have done the same thing to others.

IL Atty Gen demands telemarketer forfeit more than $1 million pocketed when collecting for charities

By Scott Holland | Jan 29, 2016

Illinois’ attorney general has again set her sights on an Elk Grove telemarketing firm in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging the company kept far too much of the money it purportedly collected on behalf of charities. Lawyers with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Office filed suit Jan. 27 in Cook County Circuit Court against Safety Publications.

Grossinger Autos says Enterprise owes more than $1 million for defamation to customers over loaner cars

By Scott Holland | Jan 28, 2016

The owners of the Grossinger group of Chicago area car dealerships has asked a Cook County judge to order one of the the nation’s leading rental car operations to pay a toll of more than $1 million for allegedly defaming the auto dealer group in telling customers not to go to Grossinger if they needed a loaner car while their cars were being serviced.

Judge slaps restraining order on access to Topinka campaign money amid lawsuit by late comptroller's son

By Scott Holland | Jan 25, 2016

The campaign funds of the late Judy Baar Topinka are now formally frozen, thanks to an order issued Jan. 22 in Cook County Circuit Court. Cook County Judge Anna Helen Demacopolous granted a temporary restraining order to Topinka’s son, Joseph Baar Topinka, which he’d requested as part of his complaint against Nancy Kimme and Bradley A. Burnett, the chairwoman and treasurer, respectively, of Citizens For Judy Baar Topinka.

Ohio dentist uses Chicago courts to sue Conn.-based Synchrony over faxed Care Credit ads

By Scott Holland | Jan 23, 2016

Chicago federal court is the venue an Ohio dentist chose for his class-action complaint against a Connecticut-based lending firm he said repeatedly placed calls to his office and sent unwanted faxed ads promoting its consumer credit products, in violation of federal law.

Governor can't exempt Pollution Control workers from collective bargaining, appeals panel says

By Scott Holland | Jan 22, 2016

He hasn’t been Illinois’ governor for more than a year, but some of Pat Quinn’s actions are still being weighed by Illinois’ courts. On Jan. 19, a state appellate court overturned the administrative decision of the Illinois Labor Relations Board to uphold Quinn’s exemption of certain Pollution Control Board employees from collective bargaining.

Judge OKs false advertising lawsuit vs Johnson & Johnson over Bedtime Products

By Scott Holland | Jan 20, 2016

An Illinois woman’s false advertising complaint against Johnson & Johnson is allowed to proceed after a judge denied the company’s motion to dismiss, saying the woman had done enough so far to allow her to argue Johnson & Johnson misled her and others into buying products the company claimed were clinically proven to help babies sleep better. Stephanie Leiner, of Chillicothe, filed a class action lawsuit July 2 in federal court in Chicago against N.J.-based Johnson & Johnson.

Oak Park woman says disability accommodation laws require association to let her rent her condo

By Scott Holland | Jan 19, 2016

A 94-year-old Oak Park woman has asked a federal judge to order the association that manages her condominium building to allow her to rent her condo temporarily to allow her to use the rental income to offset her medical expenses, saying association rules forbidding her from renting the condo until it has been listed for sale for a year stands as a violation of her rights to a “reasonable accommodation” under federal fair housing and disability laws.

Dolton recall ordinance struck down, appeals panel says must first be OK'd by voters

By Scott Holland | Jan 18, 2016

A trio of Dolton village trustees scored a victory in their dispute with the mayor and clerk over the legality of the town’s recall ordinance, as an appeals panel found the Illinois state constitution requires municipalities, like Dolton, must first secure the approval of voters at referendum for such recall powers.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions accuses homonymous company of holding its name for ransom

By Scott Holland | Jan 16, 2016

They’ve got the same name, but one Reverse Mortgage Solutions is the plaintiff and the other, a defendant in a federal trademark lawsuit, accused of swooping in to claim the corporate name and hold it for ransom. And the original Reverse Mortgage Solutions has won a preliminary injunction against its homonymous rival.

Ministry hit with another class action over robocalls soliciting donations to boost profits of 'prophet'

By Scott Holland | Jan 12, 2016

A Cook County resident fed up with receiving unwanted phone calls from a profitable prophet hopes a class action lawsuit will stop the ringing. Jeffrey Molitor filed the complaint Jan. 5 in Cook County Circuit against New York-based Manasseh Jordan Ministries and Yakim Manasseh Jordan.

Chicago dentist says city commission didn't let him defend claims he forbade Muslim worker from wearing hijab

By Scott Holland | Jan 8, 2016

A Chicago dentist is seeking a second, higher legal opinion as he tries to refute the claims of a former Muslim employee, who claims he discriminated against her by forbidding her from wearing her hijab at work. Dr. Dhiraj Sharma, owner of American Dental Associates, recently filed a petition for common law writ of certiorari in Cook County Circuit Court, asking the court to intervene in his dispute with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.

Publisher says city rules barring posters on lamp posts is unconstitutional

By Scott Holland | Jan 7, 2016

The First Amendment doesn’t specifically mention streetlight poles, but they are involved in a free speech class action complaint filed in federal court in Chicago. RCP Publications filed the complaint in December against the city, arguing the city violates the First Amendment with its policy on which messages may be posted on public property.

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