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Illinois now ringed by right-to-work states after Missouri joins trend

By Christopher Knoll | Feb 21, 2017

This month, Illinois found itself surrounded by right-to-work (RTW) states when Missouri's new Republican governor completed the encirclement by signing into law legislation that riled the state’s unions.

IL Supreme Court rejection of law to reduce jury size sheds light on key legal, justice principles

By Andrew Burger | Oct 14, 2016

As he was about to leave office, former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill, strongly supported by the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, that would have reduced the number of jurors in state civil trials from 12 to six. On Sept. 22, the Illinois Supreme Court rescinded the law in a unanimous 5-0 vote, declaring unconstitutional the law, which would have had deep implications for the state's civil justice system.

Building owners being held liable for ADA violations

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 30, 2016

CHICAGO – Though architects must pass a rigorous certification process, a string of recent court decisions -- including one involving the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) -- indicates building owners and developers aren’t able to hold them responsible if their finished building doesn’t meet federal access laws.

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