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Contract: Simmons, Meyers firms to split 25 percent cut of Cook County's take from any opioid lawsuit payment

Lawyers hired by Cook County to help press the county’s case against drug companies over the proliferation of opioid painkillers stand to pocket at least a quarter of Cook County’s cut of any settlement or dollar amount awarded by a court.

Cook County officials accused of retaliating vs juvenile jail officer for reporting crime by supervisor

A security supervisor at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center is suing Cook County,. the county's Chief Judge Timothy Evans, and other officials at the county JTDC for firing him in retaliation for reporting another supervisor at the JTDC had allegedly illegally brought a firearm into the facility.

Cook County jumps into legal fray vs pharmaceutical makers, hires Simmons, Meyers & Flowers to sue over 'opioids'

Cook County, the second largest county in the U.S., has added its name to the ever-growing list of local governments demanding the makers of some of the most prescribed opioid painkillers pay out, saying the companies owe big money for costs the county has incurred in treating painkiller addiction and dealing with its aftermath at the county’s hospitals and other institutions.

IL Supreme Court gives Cook County six more months to complete case e-filing transition work

Cook County's courts have been given an additional six months to bring their civil case filing systems into alignment with a statewide electronic case filing system required by the Illinois Supreme Court, despite comments from Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown just weeks earlier they would be ready to meet a Jan. 1 deadline.

Illinois employers to face shifting regulatory burdens in 2018

As 2018 looms, employers in Illinois are bracing for another wave of employment and labor regulations on the local, state and federal levels.

Another class action over now-repealed Cook County pop tax lands in court, even as others settle

On the day the controversial Cook County “pop tax” expired, one of the law firms behind the rash of class action lawsuits against area retailers and restaurants over the collection of the tax brought perhaps one final class action claim against an area retailer, saying a man was charged a few cents too much for club sodas he purchased at two local Jewel supermarkets.

Noted class action lawyer Edelson calls for big litigation to cure opioid epidemic, make 'big pharma' pay

Asserting Congress and local governments either aren't doing enough or lack the resources to address the so-called opioid epidemc impacting communities of all kinds and sizes, the only way to effectively fund treatment and solutions is through litigation, a Chicago class-action attorney said.

Uber hit with private class action, regulatory lawsuit from Chicago, Cook County over 2016 data breach

In the wake of a major data breach, ridehailing company Uber, already facing a class action complaint from customers who say the company’s workplace culture allowed improper access to rider information, must now also face a lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago and Cook County, leveling much the same allegations and receiving aid from a Chicago trial lawyer renowned for routinely suing tech companies.

AFSCME: Cook Sheriff's Merit Board members terms' illegal; disciplinary decisions invalid since '05

A powerful public workers’ labor union has sued the Cook County Sheriff, saying members of the Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board – whom the sheriff essentially appoints - aren’t spending enough time in office, potentially undermining all disciplinary cases the board has handled against deputies and correctional officers represented by the union since 2005.

Cook County female jail guards sue sheriff for not protecting them from inmate sexual harassment

Days after female public defenders hit Cook County sheriff’s and public defender’s offices with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment at county jail facilities, a group of female Cook County correctional officers have filed a similar complaint against Sheriff Tom Dart.

Female Cook public defenders sue their boss, sheriff's office for letting inmates sexually harass them

Saying the Cook County detainees they represent are sexually harassing them, a group of female public defenders have lodged a federal class action complaint against the office that employs them, as well as the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, for allowing it to happen repeatedly.

'Opportunistic' pop tax class action vs Subway kicked back to Cook County court by federal judge

A federal judge has poured back to Cook County court a class action lawsuit accusing Subway restaurants of making customers pay a few cents too much by collecting the soon-to-expire controversial Cook County “pop tax” on unsweetened iced tea at some of its Chicago restaurants.

Judge in $40M wrongful conviction case vs Northwestern, ex-professor: 'Cannot imagine more important civil case'

Former Northwestern University journalism professor David Protess has pleaded poverty in Chicago federal court as he defends a malicious prosecution suit from Alstory Simon, a man cleared of murder charges who blames Protess for leading a conspiracy, involving private investigators and Northwestern journalism students, to frame him for the murder of two men.

Subway franchisor: Class action litigants concocted scheme to file suit over collection of Cook Co. pop tax

A Subway franchisor has asked a Chicago federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act in connection with a sweetened beverage tax.

Juvenile inmates OK to continue some of their lawsuit over filming of 'Empire' in Cook detention center

A federal judge is allowing juvenile inmates to continue part of their lawsuit over filming of the television show “Empire” at a Cook County detention center.

Cook County, officials accused of charging unlawful court fees

A woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas and Cook County, alleging they force litigants to pay unconstitutional fees.

Cook County repeals 'pop tax,' but lawsuits it spurred are still pending - though perhaps not for long

The Cook County “pop tax” will soon be a thing of the past, after the Cook County Board buckled to public pressure and repealed it. But local judges still must deal with a slew of class action lawsuits filed against supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants over allegations they improperly collected the tax from customers.

County Board poised to can 'pop tax;' controversial tax rollout could also prompt rulemaking reform

With signs indicating the Cook County Board is poised to soon repeal the unpopular "pop tax," a Cook County commissioner has also set the stage to rewrite the rules by which county administrators can go about creating rules to collect taxes and impose regulations, potentially addressing a major complaint of businesses in the wake of the county's controversy-plagued rollout of the tax this summer.

Animal Legal Defense Fund sues to force Cook County to cough up report on animal control operations

The California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund wants a judge to force Cook County to release information on the county’s animal control department, asserting the county is intentionally withholding a report from the public the group believes likely contains more information about operations at county animal control than what was revealed in a released summary of the report from the county’s inspector general.

Property tax lawyer questions validity of Cook County tax system review

A review of the Cook County property tax system may be nothing more than a political witch hunt, according to a local property tax attorney.