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Recent ruling could hamper plaintiffs from looping hospitals into medmal claims vs independent doctors

The Illinois Supreme Court's recent decision to not hold Northwestern Memorial Hospital vicariously liable for alleged malpractice committed by doctors from an independent clinic could have far-reaching implications for hospitals in the state, making it harder for trial lawyers to loop hospitals into some medical malpractice lawsuits.

Attorney: New bill banning employment salary inquiries likely in Illinois, despite veto loss

In the wake of a veto of legislation to amend the Illinois Equal Pay Act, lawmakers in the state have been left to sift through the rejected proposal and find a foundation to serve as a model for the next proposal.

7th Circuit: Won't rehear EEOC appeal of dismissal of case alleging Autozone racially zoned store workers

A federal appeals court has refused to grant federal employment discrimination regulators the chance to renew their arguments that Autozone’s transfer of a black employee from a store serving a predominantly Hispanic clientele to another in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, should be considered illegal racial discrimination and segregation, even though the transferred worker suffered no loss of income, responsibilities or job opportunities.

Attorney: Despite Rauner veto, 'some sort' of law banning pre-employment salary inquiries possible in IL

Changes to Illinois law may make a potential employer’s inquiry into a job applicant’s wage, benefits and other compensation history an unlawful form of discrimination, despite a veto from Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Judge: Pet adopters can't bring class action vs pet health insurer over 'robocalls'

Saying he understands many of his colleagues have ruled differently, a federal judge in Chicago has denied an attempt by a group of pet adopters to turn their legal beef into a class action against a pet health insurance provider, saying the company did not “harm” the new pet owners by calling to urge them to take advantage of a “gift” of 30-day free health insurance for their new pet, which the new owners had been told was included with the adoption of their animal.

Without key pieces of the aircraft, plaintiffs may fall flat in suits vs Boeing over MH370

Illinois law will make it hard for relatives of those presumed lost on ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to succeed in suing Boeing, the maker of the lost aircraft, over the presumed crash, even if the family members bring their lawsuits in courts outside Illinois.

Family feud over fate of Kirlins Hallmark retail empire lands in federal court; $20M at stake

Brother has been pitted against brothers in a $20 million federal lawsuit over the future of a company that once owned the largest number of Hallmark stores in the country. 

Lawsuit: Doctor who sued Advocate for firing him for revealing 'sex predator' illegally taped conversations

A doctor who sued an Oak Lawn hospital for allegedly firing him in retaliation for attempting to unmask a “sexual predator” working at the hospital has come under examination himself in a lawsuit allegedly illegally recording private workplace conversations in an effort to ensnare his former supervisor and others working at the hospital.