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Ranchers lawsuit: Meat packers squeezed cattle prices, even as consumers paid record retail beef prices

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 24, 2019

A group of cattle ranchers have filed suit in Chicago federal court, accusing four of the largest meat processors in the U.S. of squeezing ranchers by manipulating the market to drive down the price they paid for beef cattle, even as consumer beef prices remained near their peak.

Class action: Chicago should pay up for red-light camera tickets from 2003-2010, too, not just 2010-2015

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 30, 2019

Less than a year since Chicago City Hall inked a settlement to end a class action over defective red-light and speeding camera ticket notices sent from 2010-2015, a new class action has landed in Cook County court demanding the city be made to pay out for similar notices delivered to others who got red light camera tickets in earlier years.

Chicago lawyer sues Oxford Financial over management of late father's trust, lost investment returns

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 23, 2016

A Chicago lawyer and the son of a prominent Ft. Wayne, Ind., banking executive has sued a financial advisory firm he claims bungled the division of a trust established to manage the assets of his late father, saying the firm should be made to pay for allowing the trust to miss out on a bull market, costing the trust at least $2 million in potentially lost investment returns.

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