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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Krislov and Associates, Ltd.

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  • Chicago taxi surcharge fee class actions end in settlement deal for refunds, $48K attorney fees

    Lawsuits targeting Chicago taxi companies and a payment processing company for adding a 50-cent surcharge to nearly 410,000 credit card payments over three-plus months this spring have been garaged, according to a settlement agreement filed Sept. 9 in Cook County Circuit Court. The deal ended the lawsuits in exchange for refunds of all improperly charged fees. Plaintiffs' lawyers received $48,000.

  • Condo owners facing eviction get just one chance in court to challenge legitimacy of fees

    Condominium owners who wish to challenge the legality of fees charged by their properties’ owners associations don’t get two chances in court to do so, an Illinois state appellate panel has found, upholding a Cook County judge’s dismissal of an evicted condo owner’s suit over association assessment late fees, saying the owner should have raised the issue when he was evicted three years before. The appellate order was filed Dec. 17 under Supreme Court Rule 23.