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Man sent to 'debtors' prison' for not paying wife's legal bills in divorce case asks appeals court to step in

By Dan Churney | Feb 19, 2019

A Chicago real estate developer has asked a state appeals court to step in after a Cook County judge sent him to veritable debtors’ prison for not establishing a fund to pay legal fees for him and his wife in their divorce case.

Trucker pay suit parked vs Atlas Van Lines; Contract clear, even if drivers don't understand: Judge

By Dan Churney | Apr 26, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has applied the brakes to a trucker’s lawsuit against two global moving van companies, which alleged the companies used “vague” contract language to short him of pay, saying the trucker should have sought clarification before signing the contract.

Woman blames IHOP for injury from falling artwork

By Louie Torres | Oct 31, 2016

A woman is suing Flip 3132 Inc.; Flipmeastack Inc.; International House of Pancakes LLC; IHOP Leasing LLC; IHOP Restaurants LLC; and IHOP Franchisor LLC, alleging negligence, liability and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

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