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Judge OKs class action vs SpeedyPC over alleged misleading computer diagnostic program marketing

By Scott Holland | Oct 25, 2017

A federal judge in Chicago has pressed enter on a class action against a Canadian maker of a computer diagnostics and cleanup program plaintiffs say didn’t do much of what the company said.

Judge slices $6.5M sex discrimination verdict to $100K, citing damage caps

By Scott Holland | Aug 4, 2017

A federal judge has shaved more than $6 million off a jury’s verdict in a 2011 discrimination case because the company wasn’t large enough to be forced to pay more.

Federal judge kicks contractors' tussle over CTA HVAC renovation project to state court

By Scott Holland | Mar 11, 2017

A dispute between two air conditioning manufacturers over a CTA contract won’t continue in federal court after a judge in Chicago relinquished jurisdiction and dismissed the action, allowing it to be filed again in state court. 

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