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Judgment: UBU Sports owes FieldTurf USA $780,000 in artificial turf patent court fight

By Scott Holland | Jun 23, 2017

The final score in a legal battle between two artificial turf manufacturers is a $780,000 win for the original patent holder, FieldTurf USA.

Johnson & Bell hit Edelson with defamation suit, demand firm pay for 'self-serving publicity tour'

By Scott Holland | Apr 1, 2017

Johnson & Bell, a prominent Chicago civil defense law firm, has taken aim at the firm of Edelson P.C., alleging the Chicago-based firm which ranks as one of the country’s leading filers of digital privacy and technology class actions should be made to pay for using the courts to spread “lies and defamatory statements” as part of a continuing “self-serving publicity tour.” 

Riffner Firm, others accused of poor legal representation

By Louie Torres | Sep 8, 2016

Two Illinois real estate companies and an individual are suing Robert Riffner; Scott Barber; Riffner, Barber, LLC; The Riffnew Firm, PC; and John M. Driscoll, law firms and lawyers, citing alleged negligence.

Judge awards $458K more to attorneys already paid $1.6 million for class action vs Southwest over flight drink vouchers

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 27, 2016

After beating back an appeal of the settlement agreement that granted them more than $1.6 million in fees, the attorneys who represented a group of people who brought a class action against Southwest Airlines for refusing to honor drink vouchers will not get all the additional fees they requested for their work on the appeal.

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