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Consumers sue GM Goldman & Associates, claiming intrusive and unwanted calls

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 14, 2018

A group of consumers have accused insurance agency GM Goldman & Associates Inc., of improperly placing numerous sales calls to people whose numbers were listed on the Do Not Call registry.

Class action: Members claim Chicago Athletic Clubs, others cut rewards program without warning

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Aug 8, 2018

A club member has filed a class action lawsuit against Chicago Athletic Clubs LLC and several other athletic clubs, citing alleged breach of contract and violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

Bartender accuses Four Corners of exaggerating tip amounts on official reports, shorting worker wages

By Dan Churney | Jul 25, 2018

A onetime Chicago bartender has served up a putative class-action lawsuit against the Four Corners tavern restaurant group, alleging his former employer shorted employees pay at its 15 bars around the city, paying less than the required minimum wage by overstating on pay stubs and W-2 tax forms how much employees received in tips.

Class action: Bloomingdale's improperly charged 7 cent bag tax on garment bags

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 15, 2018

Bloomingdale’s is facing a class action complaint accusing it of improperly charging the city of Chicago bag tax, after a woman said she was charged 7 cents too much.

Crate & Barrel accused of charging sales tax on taxed shopping bags in Chicago

By Louie Torres | Mar 27, 2018

A woman is suing Crate and Barrel for allegedly charging sales tax on the Chicago Checkout Bag Tax.

Judge OKs $30M deal to end class action vs Monster over A/V cable claims; objector to be sanctioned

By Dan Churney | Mar 26, 2018

A Cook County judge has given a preliminary nod to a class action settlement, which could make audio-video cable manufacturer Monster pay around $30 million to buyers of one of its cable products, after determining a man who had filed a separate lawsuit against Monster made misrepresentations while objecting to the proposed settlement.

Another class action over now-repealed Cook County pop tax lands in court, even as others settle

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 11, 2017

On the day the controversial Cook County “pop tax” expired, one of the law firms behind the rash of class action lawsuits against area retailers and restaurants over the collection of the tax brought perhaps one final class action claim against an area retailer, saying a man was charged a few cents too much for club sodas he purchased at two local Jewel supermarkets.

'Opportunistic' pop tax class action vs Subway kicked back to Cook County court by federal judge

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 30, 2017

A federal judge has poured back to Cook County court a class action lawsuit accusing Subway restaurants of making customers pay a few cents too much by collecting the soon-to-expire controversial Cook County “pop tax” on unsweetened iced tea at some of its Chicago restaurants.

Subway franchisor: Class action litigants concocted scheme to file suit over collection of Cook Co. pop tax

By David Hutton | Oct 25, 2017

A Subway franchisor has asked a Chicago federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit alleging violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act in connection with a sweetened beverage tax.

Cook County repeals 'pop tax,' but lawsuits it spurred are still pending - though perhaps not for long

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 11, 2017

The Cook County “pop tax” will soon be a thing of the past, after the Cook County Board buckled to public pressure and repealed it. But local judges still must deal with a slew of class action lawsuits filed against supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants over allegations they improperly collected the tax from customers.

Class action: Crestwood improperly raking in millions from Cicero Ave. red light camera tickets

By Scott Holland | Oct 10, 2017

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the village of Crestwood, saying the village has improperly issued 56,000 red light camera tickets and should pay back more than $3 million in fines it has collected from people wrongly ticketed on Cicero Avenue.

KFC restaurants hit with class action over collection of Cook County 'pop tax'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 20, 2017

Yum Brands, the parent company of fast food chain KFC and other international fast food brands, has become the latest to catch legal heat for allegedly improperly collecting Cook County’s so-called “pop tax.”

List of class action lawsuits quickly grows vs Equifax over data breach

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 11, 2017

Class action lawsuits have begun to multiply against Equifax in recent days in the wake of news late last week the credit reporting agency had suffered a massive data breach affecting more than 140 million Americans, yet had waited at least a month to tell the public.

Subway, O'Hare concessionaire targeted by class actions for improperly collecting Chicago soft drink tax

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 7, 2017

While class actions continue to stack up against retailers accused of improperly collecting Cook County’s new so-called “pop tax,” one of the law firms bringing those suits has also popped two new class action suits under Chicago’s “soft drink tax,” as well, targeting Subway and a company that operates concessions at O'Hare.

Subway footlong class action plaintiffs to take another stab, after appeals court sliced 'worthless' deal

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 31, 2017

Less than five days after a federal appeals court threw out a settlement deal intended to cut short the litigation, a group of lawyers representing people suing Subway over the length of their footlong sub sandwiches have indicated they will now refresh their class actions against the ubiquitous fast food chain.

Class action says PepsiCo charged Cook County 'pop tax' to bottled water sold at vending machines

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 30, 2017

PepsiCo has become the latest soft drinks vendor to be accused of not properly collecting Cook County’s new so-called “pop tax,” after a Chicago law firm which has already sued 7-Eleven, Subway and Jewel-Osco, also filed suit against PepsiCo, saying the food and beverage giant should be made to pay for allegedly forcing customers to pay the county tax on bottled water purchased at Pepsi-branded vending machines.

Judge sinks footlong sub sandwich suit, calls dismissed action ‘worthless’ and a ‘racket’

By Dan Churney | Aug 28, 2017

A Chicago federal appeals panel suffered heartburn from a class-action suit, which claimed Subway Footlong sandwiches cheat customers by occasionally measuring just under a foot, likening the litigation to a “racket” that lines the pockets of plaintiffs’ lawyers, but does little else

Federal judge grates Parmesan cheese class actions, pans deceptive marketing claims

By Scott Holland | Aug 25, 2017

A federal judge in Chicago has shredded, for now, a block of class action lawsuits that piled up last year against Kraft, Walmart, Target, the parent company of Jewel Food Stores and others over the contents of their grated Parmesan cheese, saying he did not believe the plaintiffs could prevail in asserting the containers of “100 percent” cheese were deceptively marketed.

Circle K, Jewel, Subway added to list of shops sued over collection of Cook County's 'pop tax'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 23, 2017

Add three more retailers and restaurants to the list of those targeted by lawsuits over the collection of Cook County’s so-called “pop tax,” as new plaintiffs have brought actions against Circle K convenience stores, Jewel food stores and Subway restaurants operating in and around Chicago.

Class action adds 7-Eleven to list of retailers being sued for Cook County 'pop tax' collections

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 10, 2017

Add 7-Eleven to the list of retailers now facing a class action lawsuit over the collection of Cook County’s controversial so-called ‘pop tax.’

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