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Sexual harassment accusations continue to roil IL assembly, but very different from private sector cases

Karen Kidd Nov. 8, 2017, 7:00am

As sexual harassment scandals spread in the Illinois General Assembly, some lawmakers are calling for still more action to empower investigators to pull the curtain back on what has been described as a rampant culture of abuse in Springfield. However, unlike private sector employers, state officials don't face a realistic threat of lawsuits over their actions, says a lawyer who specializes in such harassment cases.

Studio OMD Inc., individual accused of failing to pay wages

Louie Torres Oct. 12, 2017, 2:00am

The state of Illinois is suing Studio OMD Inc. and Chukwudifu "Chuks" Okwuje for alleged breach of contract and unpaid wages.

IL Supreme Court: Lawyers can be sued for 'reverse redlining,' but A/G overstretched discrimination case

Jonathan Bilyk Sep. 22, 2017, 4:24pm

Lawyers and other professionals who don’t make home loans could yet be eligible under the law to get nailed with state legal actions alleging housing discrimination, the Illinois Supreme Court said. But Illinois’ Attorney General may have stretched the law a bit too far in attempting to bring such discrimination charges against a pair accused of preying on vulnerable racial minority homeowners, who were seeking loan modifications to escape their underwater home loans, the high court said.

Lisa Madigan won't seek re-election next year

Ann Maher Sep. 15, 2017, 1:25pm

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced on Twitter today that after serving 14 years, she will not seek re-election next year.

Judge won't budge on $283M penalty assessed vs Dish Network over 3rd-party telemarketer misdeeds

Dan Churney Aug. 16, 2017, 11:00am

A downstate federal judge has agreed to slightly modify an injunction against Dish Network, but refused to yield on her order the company pay $283 million in penalties for not keeping a better eye on its telemarketers, who allegedly violated consumer protection laws by making millions of unsolicited calls for Dish.

State asks judge to toss CPS school funding suit, says system not 'hidden proxy' for race discrimination

Scott Holland Jul. 10, 2017, 4:40pm

The state of Illinois again has asked a Cook County judge to dismiss a Chicago Public Schools lawsuit alleging racial discrimination underlies the way the state funds K-12 public education.

Judge dismisses CPS suit vs IL over schools funding; says demands would 'inject chaos,' not fix problem

Jonathan Bilyk Apr. 28, 2017, 9:51pm

Saying the demands sought by the Chicago Public Schools “would inject widespread chaos into the entirety of the State’s public education system,” a Cook County judge has denied the request by CPS and other plaintiffs to force the state to funnel more money into Chicago’s public education system, dismissing a lawsuit CPS said it brought to address systemic and illegal discrimination within the state of Illinois’ educational funding system.

State can deny FOIA'd documents under new law even though law changed after request filed: Panel

Jonathan Bilyk Apr. 17, 2017, 8:21pm

Illinois state regulators can use a state law shielding certain public records from disclosure to prevent a business owner from obtaining public records related to a regulatory complaint filed against his business, even though the state law was enacted after the business owner had tried, failed and then sued to force the regulators to give him the documents.

IL appeals panel: Man can challenge constitutionality of state's retroactive estate tax bill

Dan Churney Apr. 17, 2017, 2:14pm

A state appeals panel has overturned a DuPage County circuit judge’s dismissal of a challenge to Illinois’ retroactive estate tax, saying an executor is entitled to pursue his case against the tax in circuit court, not the Illinois Court of Claims as the state asserted.

Federal judge strikes down IL law banning med marijuana groups from donating to political campaigns

Scott Holland Mar. 29, 2017, 1:59am

Libertarian political candidates won a free speech victory in federal court as a Chicago judge declared unconstitutional an Illinois campaign law barring medical marijuana businesses from making campaign contributions. 

Illinois A/G: Education funding complaints rising, lands on 2016 Top 10 consumer complaints list

Chandra Lye Mar. 17, 2017, 12:33pm

The Illinois Attorney General’s office the number of education funding complaints by consumers continued to increase in 2016, landing such complaints a top ranking on the Attorney General's annual list of top consumer complaints in 2016.

Former Illinois solicitor general returning to private appellate practice at Mayer Brown

John Myers Feb. 28, 2017, 6:04pm

After years arguing cases before some of the most prestigious courts in the state and the country, a former Illinois solicitor general is coming home to private practice at one of Chicago's most prestigious law firms - a firm at which he worked early in his career.

St. Clair Co. judge backs union, denies AG request to order state to stop paying workers amid impasse

Cook County Record Feb. 16, 2017, 8:08pm

St. Clair Co. judge denies AG Madigan's request to order state to stop paying workers amid impasse

IL Atty. Gen. Madigan steps in, asks court to order IL to stop paying state workers til budget deal reached

Ann Maher Jan. 27, 2017, 12:13am

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan seeks to break a protracted budget stalemate by putting pressure on Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislators in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Class action: IL supervised release policies unjustly effectively keep sex offenders in prison 'for life'

Chandra Lye Dec. 29, 2016, 10:59am

A lawsuit has been filed accusing the state of Illinois of violating the rights of convicted sex offenders by maintaining policies that do not allow a number of them to be released from prison after they have served their sentences, effectively leaving them informally sentenced to life in prison.

Election Day voter registration cleared for IL this November; judges refuse to rush appeal

Jonathan Bilyk Oct. 7, 2016, 5:05pm

Election Day voter registration will be allowed this November at all polling places in Cook County and Illinois’ other more populated counties, after a federal appeals court refused to speed up proceedings in the case, pushing briefing in the matter back to Nov. 10, two days after Election Day.

7th Circuit appeals judges lift injunction blocking Illinois Election Day voter registration program

Jonathan Bilyk Oct. 4, 2016, 5:53pm

Saying the law imposes only a “minimal inconvenience" on voters living in low population counties who wish to register to vote on Election Day when compared to the benefits of expanding voting opportunities in counties with more people, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has asked a federal appeals court to overturn a federal judge’s block of a state law allowing Election Day voter registration at polling places in Cook County and other Illinois counties in which more than 100,000 people liv

Attorney general sues pharmaceutical company over marketing of morphine-like drug

Dawn Geske Sep. 27, 2016, 5:57pm

CHICAGO – A lawsuit has been filed by the Illinois attorney general against a pharmaceutical company for alleged deceptive marketing and selling of an opioid described as more powerful than morphine.

Illinois AG reaches settlement with VW in emissions scandal

Dawn Geske Jul. 20, 2016, 11:02pm

A settlement has been reached by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office over the emissions scandal still engulfing automaker Volkswagen, potentially bringing Illinois and its residents more than $276 million.

Peoples Gas settles for $18.5 million over main replacement costs; rate reductions not promised

Ruth de Jauregui May 20, 2016, 10:00am

CHICAGO – Peoples Gas customers may find some relief after the gas company settled with the Illinois Attorney General office  over an investigation into the undisclosed costs of its gas line replacement program.