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Bicyclist wins new chance on appeal to sue Chicago Park Dist. for fall on Lakefront Trail

Scott Holland Nov. 10, 2016, 11:39pm

A bicyclist who injured himself in a Lakefront Trail fall will get another day in court in his complaint targeting the Chicago Park District for failing to fix a crack in the pavement he said caused his spill. 

Woman whose foot was severed by firecracker in park can't sue Chicago Park District: Appeals court

Dana Herra Sep. 15, 2016, 1:37pm

A woman whose foot was severed after a firework, detonated by two men visiting a Chicago park, exploded near her, cannot hold the Chicago Park District liable for her injuries, an appellate court has ruled.

Park Grill, City Hall reach deal to end years-long court fight over 'sweetheart' contract

Jonathan Bilyk Aug. 5, 2016, 3:19pm

The city of Chicago and the owners of the Park Grill restaurant in Millennium Park have reached a settlement to end the years-long legal saga cutting across Chicago’s culture of politics and clout.

IL Supreme Court to tackle hospital property taxes, rights of protesters in Grant Park

Jonathan Bilyk May 25, 2016, 4:21pm

The Illinois Supreme Court will weigh in on the question of whether Illinois law can constitutionally exempt hospitals from paying property taxes, and whether the city of Chicago can use curfew laws to keep protesters out of Grant Park over night.

George Lucas Museum foes score win in latest episode of saga over fate of lakefront site

Scott Holland Feb. 5, 2016, 11:30am

Opponents of the George Lucas museum proposed for Chicago’s lakefront have won the latest episode in the long running legal wars over the planned attraction, after a federal judge refused to dismiss their lawsuit against the city and park district.

Chicago, Park Grill investors launch appeals, counter-appeals over rulings in Millennium Park restaurant deal fight

Jonathan Bilyk Dec. 29, 2015, 9:09am

The legal fight over the fate of the Park Grill restaurant in Chicago’s Millennium Park will continue in the courts in 2016 and perhaps beyond, as the city of Chicago and the restaurant’s operators each prepare for appeals and counter-appeals of a Cook County judge’s decisions in a case over an allegedly crooked restaurant deal that has already cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

SEIU sues Chicago Park District to overturn pension reform law 'diminishing' district worker retirement payouts

Jonathan Bilyk Oct. 13, 2015, 3:38pm

Employees of the Chicago Park District, represented by the Service Employees International Union have challenged the constitutionality of a state law reforming the Park District’s public employee pension fund, which supporters believed would help the district stabilize its pension liabilities. On Oct. 8, SEIU Local 73 and named plaintiffs, Chicago Park District retiree David Biedron and current Chicago Park District employee Heather Kelly, filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court.

Records: Lawsuit over Park Grill contract cost taxpayers more than $6.6 million

Jonathan Bilyk Oct. 9, 2015, 11:46am

While Chicago city officials sued the owners of the Park Grill restaurant to collect millions of dollars in taxes and fees that would otherwise have been paid into the city’s coffers, the years-long litigation which failed to persuade a judge the deal was too crooked has cost the city’s taxpayers millions in legal fees, as well. In September, Cook County Judge Moshe Jacobius shot down the lawsuit brought by Chicago City Hall to undo a deal cut by the Chicago Park District with a group of invest