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Family of man shot to death by Chicago Police sue city for wrongful death

The family of a man shot to death by a Chicago Police officer late last year are suing the Chicago Police for alleged wrongful death.

Appeals panel: Ex-Redflex executive can't claim share of $20M paid to city to settle red-light camera bribes claims

Saying to find otherwise would give “fraudsters” the chance to profit from bribery, a federal appeals panel has upheld a lower court’s decision to bar a figure at the center of Chicago’s red light camera bribery scheme from claiming a cut of the settlement paid to City Hall by the city’s former red light camera vendor.

'Pharmacy deserts' not helped by Chicago city regulations, lack of social responsibility from chains

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Chicago adds 'Big Three' pharma wholesalers to list of companies being sued over opioid crisis

As class action litigation continues to grow across the U.S. against the pharmaceutical companies that made opioid prescription painkillers, the city of Chicago has also set its sights in court on three companies it blames for distributing the addictive pills here, saying the companies should be made to pay for allegedly not monitoring the flow of the drugs or halting the suspicious activity at pharmacies and elsewhere that allegedly “fueled” the black market for the drugs.

Cook County judge OKs final $38M deal to end red light camera class action; lawyers get $11M

A Cook County judge has signed off on a settlement to end what plaintiffs’ lawyers have touted as the first successful class action lawsuit against the city of Chicago over alleged abuses within its red light camera program.

Appeals panel: Write-in candidates must file with both Cook County clerk, Chicago Elections Board

A panel of Illinois appellate justices has unanimously upheld a lower court’s decision to reject a complaint by a write-in candidate case, saying he needed to declare his intent to run with the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, and not only with the Cook County Clerk's office.

City of Chicago accused of wrongly revoking zoning approval

A company is suing the city of Chicago for allegedly revoking its zoning approval for a single-family home.

City of Chicago, others allegedly failed to prevent man from falling at O’Hare International Airport

A man is suing the City of Chicago, O'Hare Airport Transit System Inc., the Chicago Department of Aviation and the Chicago Airport System for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

IL appeals court upholds dismissal of class action challenging Chicago red light camera program law

Saying state law designates Chicago’s red light and speed camera enforcement programs as something different from ordinary traffic laws, a state appeals court has again handed a defeat to a class action attempting to overthrow the city’s automated traffic citation program, which annually adds millions of dollars in fines from ticketed motorists to the city’s coffers.

Family of man struck by train in Norwood Park in Jan. 2017 sues Metra, Union Pacific, others

The family of a man who died when his vehicle was struck by a Metra train in Chicago is suing Union Pacific Railroad, Metra, the Regional Transportation Authority, the city of Chicago and Cook County for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Court asked to sign off on red light camera settlement; lawyers defend $11M fee request

A Cook County judge could grant final approval later this week to a $38.75 million settlement deal intended to end a class action lawsuit against Chicago City Hall over the city’s red-light traffic camera enforcement program. And the lawyers behind that lawsuit are defending their request for more than $11 million in fees.

Cook County judge: Chicago alderman's personal emails, texts generally not subject to FOIA

Emails and text messages sent and received by Chicago aldermen on their personal accounts and devices generally may not be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, a Cook County judge has ruled, partially thwarting an attempt by Chicago lawyer Ameer Ahmad to uncover what he believed were efforts by his neighbors to use connections to Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno to allegedly improperly block Ahmad from obtaining a permit for a home improvement project.

Woman accuses landlord, Chicago cops of locking her out of her home amid eviction in bitter cold

A woman is suing her landlord and the city of Chicago for alleged violation of state law.

Coalition opposed to Jackson Park Obama Center asks court to compel release of city communications

A group opposed to the current plans to build the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park have asked a court to order the city and park district to make public communications among the various players in the project.

Settlement: Chicago will pay $115M to dancer paralyzed by O'Hare bus shelter accident

Rather than continue to contest a record $148 million verdict, the city of Chicago has agreed to settle for $115 million with a dancer who was left paralyzed when strong winds crashed a pedestrian shelter on her more than two years ago at O’Hare International Airport

Chicago Public Schools, others allegedly failed to prevent high temperatures in middle school classroom

A woman is suing the city of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, Stanton Mechanical Inc., Aramark Services Inc. and Sodexomagic LLC for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Chicago police officers, city accused of not pressing charges vs man who violated protection order

A woman is suing the city of Chicago and at least four Chicago Police officers for allegedly violating the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.

City of Chicago paramedics allegedly failed to properly treat injured man, who died

Two estate administrators are suing the city of Chicago and two paramedics for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

ParkChicago vendors ask judge to curb parking tickets class action; no 'freedom from administrative inconvenience'

Asserting legal precedent holds people wrongly receiving parking tickets have no “freedom from administrative inconvenience,” attorneys representing the vendors that operate Chicago’s on-street parking meters have asked the court to again pull to the curb a class action lawsuit alleging problems with the ParkChicago smartphone app results in illegal tickets issued to motorists using their phones to pay for parking.

Class action: Chicago speed cameras at Challenger Park, Irving Park Rd illegal

Already facing litigation over its red light cameras, a new lawsuit has now targeted the city of Chicago’s use of speed cameras along a stretch of Irving Park Road at Challenger Park.