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Objector: 'Collusive' Chicago red light camera class action deal pays lawyers too much, lets city off cheap

Saying the deal “reeks of a collusive settlement” that will give millions to lawyers and next to nothing for law-abiding residents who dutifully paid their $100 fines, an attorney, who is pressing his own class action case seeking to “dismantle” Chicago’s red light camera program, has filed an objection asking a Cook County judge to undue a settlement Chicago city officials have said they hope will allow City Hall to bring class action litigation over the red light camera program to a relatively inexpensive end.

Judge pauses Chicago opioid lawsuit; judges mull consolidating host of similar cases nationally

A federal judge has placed on hold the city of Chicago’s lawsuit accusing the makers of prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Percocet – so-called “opioids” – of falsely marketing their drugs to doctors. defrauding City Hall and other employee health plan administrators, while giving time for a panel of federal judges to decide if the action should be consolidated with other similar lawsuits, brought by cities and others, now pending in other jurisdictions.

Man shot by Chicago police accuses officer of battery

A man is suing the city of Chicago and a Chicago police officer for alleged battery.

Uber hit with private class action, regulatory lawsuit from Chicago, Cook County over 2016 data breach

In the wake of a major data breach, ridehailing company Uber, already facing a class action complaint from customers who say the company’s workplace culture allowed improper access to rider information, must now also face a lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago and Cook County, leveling much the same allegations and receiving aid from a Chicago trial lawyer renowned for routinely suing tech companies.

Mac Property Management LLC, others accused of violating Chicago's landlord tenant ordinance

A woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against Mac Property Management LLC, The Sutherland LLC and Sutherland Master Tenant LLC for alleged violation of Chicago's Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RTLO).

Light maker wants to sock it to Chicago City Hall, contractor, alleging rigged $160M lighting project

A suburban manufacturer of electric lighting units is blowing its fuse, and as an outlet is in federal court, alleging the city of Chicago, a municipal financing group and an energy service provider short-circuited the bidding process for a huge public lighting modernization project, to exclude the manufacturer's lights in favor of General Electric products.

Divided federal appeals panel says Chicago can bar women from baring breasts

A divided U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court's ruling that the city of Chicago is within its rights to ban women from going topless in public, even if a woman is trying to use the First Amendment to get a gripe off her chest about how the law allegedly treats women unfairly.

AIG Property Casualty Company accuses company of breach of contract

An insurance company is suing Metropolitan Builders Inc. for $1.8 million over alleged breach of contract, breach of implied warranty and negligence.

Chicago OK to tack on thousands in taxes to the sale of Fannie, Freddie foreclosures: Appeals court

While federal law bars the city of Chicago and other local governments from slapping taxes on homes acquired by federal home mortgage lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the law does nothing to stop such cities from merely passing on those tax bills to the people who later buy the property from Fannie or Freddie, a federal appeals panel says.

City of Chicago passes zoning ordinance to ensure 'affordable housing' in three hot residential zones

The Chicago City Council has passed an ordinance intended to compel developers of new apartment buildings and other residential housing to set aside a greater percentage of "affordable housing" within certain zones in or near the city's downtown.

City of Chicago, others accused of malicious prosecution

A man is suing the City of Chicago and police officers for alleged malicious prosecution.

Illinois appeals court: Chicago can’t bill Fannie Mae for demolition of Englewood building

A state appeals court has denited the city of Chicago's bid to charge federal mortgage lender Fannie Mae for the cost of demolishing a South Side building the lending company did not own when it was torn down.

Appeals panel: Chicago, Skokie OK to continue lawsuit vs Kankakee, Channahon over sales tax scheme

A state appeals panel has reversed a Cook County judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit in which Chicago and Skokie claimed Kankakee and Channahon ran schemes to divert into their treasuries tax revenue from out-of-state retailers.

Chicago sues Equifax, seeks millions in fines for failing to notify City Hall, residents of data breach

The city of Chicago has filed suit against Equifax in the wake of the credit monitoring company’s massive data breach.

City of Chicago, others accused of negligence in car accident during police chase

The family of a woman killed in a crash is suing the city of Chicago, an unknown Chicago police officer and the estate of Chicago Police Officer Taylor Clark for alleged negligence.

Federal judge says City Hall can't use zoning law 'fortuity' to sidestep shop's lawsuit over gun sale ban

Chicago’s attempt to squash a suit brought against the city by a gun shop has failed, after a federal judge said City Hall can’t use zoning laws to sidestep the lawsuit accusing the city of unconstitutionally barring the shop from opening.

Subway, O'Hare concessionaire targeted by class actions for improperly collecting Chicago soft drink tax

While class actions continue to stack up against retailers accused of improperly collecting Cook County’s new so-called “pop tax,” one of the law firms bringing those suits has also popped two new class action suits under Chicago’s “soft drink tax,” as well, targeting Subway and a company that operates concessions at O'Hare.

Mayor's order to push developers to hire contractor businesses owned by minorities, women

Chicago’s Department of Planning Development and the Chicago Plan Commission will soon be operating under a new guideline that will monitor the participation and hiring of “Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises” (W/MBEs) with respect to certain complex or large proposed construction projects in the city.

City of Chicago, bar owners, police officer accused in woman's death

An estate representative is suing the city of Chicago; Chicago Police Officer Danielle Deering; Pappas Restaurants Inc., Jack Desmond's Irish Pub Inc., and Alsip Restaurant and Lounge Inc., all three of which do business as Bar 122; and VPEN Inc., which does business as 115 Bourbon Street, alleging they should be held responsible for the death of a woman who police say killed herself using an off-duty police officer's service weapon.

Dancer left paralyzed by windblown pedestrian shelter at O'Hare awarded $148M verdict

A Cook County jury has awarded $148 million to a dancer who was left paralyzed when a storm blew a pedestrian shelter onto her at O’Hare International Airport.