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Harrowing bus ride involved high passenger making threats, driver who refused to stop, even for cops: Lawsuit

A man is suing Greyhound Line Inc. and Firstgroup America Inc. after he and other passengers on an allegedly harrowing bus trip from Milwaukee to Chicago were threatened by a man, high on drugs, who claimed to have a gun, and then were trapped in the bus, as the driver allegedly refused to pull over, even during a police chase that ended only when the bus was disabled by running over two sets of spike strips.

Class action: Aurora volleyball program owes millions for not stopping alleged sexually abusive coach

An Aurora-based club volleyball program headed by prominent coach Rick Butler, who has been accused of years of sexual abuse, threats and intimidation against his players, is the target of a multimillion-dollar federal class action complaint alleging the club failed to protect its athletes.

Judge guts Edelson's suit vs Bandas; 'meritless' class action objections for payoff 'bad faith,' not racketeering

While agreeing their conduct and tactics were “in bad faith” and “inconsistent” with legal ethics, a federal judge has refused to let a prominent Chicago class action trial law firm continue with a class action lawsuit accusing a rival firm of racketeering for acting as “professional objectors” bent on extorting payoffs, as the judge said letting the case go forward would leave parties involved in other lawsuits rightly worried about getting tagged with similar racketeering actions over legitimate negotiating tactics and maneuvers.

Plaintiff: Baking company Aryzta owes dough for clunky fight over locale for lawsuit over worker fingerprints

The plaintiff in a putative class action suit accusing the bakery company which puts out the Otis Spunkmeyer and La Brea Bakery brands of violating an Illinois biometric privacy law by not telling workers how their fingerprints were handled, is now claiming the company is refusing to pay a portion of the plaintiff's legal costs, as ordered by a federal judge.

Mom's T-Mobile contract terms can't force arbitration for son's class action vs Subway over text message ad

A federal appeals panel has reactivated a man’s class action lawsuit against sandwich seller Subway, saying the restaurant chain can’t invoke T-Mobile’s contract to force to arbitration the man’s claims Subway broke federal telecommunications law by sending text messages to T-Mobile users advertising “T-Mobile Tuesday” sandwich deals.

Noted class action lawyer Edelson calls for big litigation to cure opioid epidemic, make 'big pharma' pay

Asserting Congress and local governments either aren't doing enough or lack the resources to address the so-called opioid epidemc impacting communities of all kinds and sizes, the only way to effectively fund treatment and solutions is through litigation, a Chicago class-action attorney said.

Judge pauses Chicago opioid lawsuit; judges mull consolidating host of similar cases nationally

A federal judge has placed on hold the city of Chicago’s lawsuit accusing the makers of prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Percocet – so-called “opioids” – of falsely marketing their drugs to doctors. defrauding City Hall and other employee health plan administrators, while giving time for a panel of federal judges to decide if the action should be consolidated with other similar lawsuits, brought by cities and others, now pending in other jurisdictions.

Uber hit with private class action, regulatory lawsuit from Chicago, Cook County over 2016 data breach

In the wake of a major data breach, ridehailing company Uber, already facing a class action complaint from customers who say the company’s workplace culture allowed improper access to rider information, must now also face a lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago and Cook County, leveling much the same allegations and receiving aid from a Chicago trial lawyer renowned for routinely suing tech companies.

Healthcare Services Group accused of collecting and storing workers fingerprints without consent

Two people have filed a class action lawsuit against Healthcare Services Group Inc. for alleged invasion of privacy and violation of state law.

Aramark tagged with worker fingerprint class action under IL privacy law

Aramark, one of the country’s largest employers, providing food service and other vendor services to Chicago’s Soldier Field and numerous schools, corporate headquarters, hospitals, prisons and other institutional facilities throughout Illinois, has become one of the latest targets among a growing number of lawsuits under an Illinois privacy law, accusing employers of not properly handling the process of scanning and managing their employees’ fingerprints to log employees’ work hours.

Hooters among latest employers sued over handling of employee fingerprints under IL privacy law

The Hooters restaurant chain has landed in court, among the latest employers in Chicago and elsewhere sued under an Illinois privacy law for allegedly improperly collecting and storing its employees fingerprints, even though employees use their fingerprints to clock in and out of work shifts and accurately track their hours on the job.

Judge OKs class action vs SpeedyPC over alleged misleading computer diagnostic program marketing

A federal judge in Chicago has pressed enter on a class action against a Canadian maker of a computer diagnostics and cleanup program plaintiffs say didn’t do much of what the company said.

Spike in IL lawsuits vs employers over fingerprints, other biometric data may be just the beginning

A spike in the number of lawsuits in Illinois over biometrics data is a result of such data becoming more commonly used or misused by both business and social media. But whatever the reason, businesses should look for more and more of these lawsuits in coming days, a Washington, D.C.-based labor and employment attorney warns, thanks to a unique facet of Illinois' law

Business groups: IL geolocations privacy bill ups lawsuit risk against 'businesses of all sizes'

Already facing a surge of lawsuits under a state technology privacy law, business groups have expressed relief at Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s decision to veto a new state technology privacy law regulating how and when smartphone apps and the businesses that develop and deploy them must notify users their physical locations are being logged – a law the business groups say will only offer the same trial lawyers another avenue to sue them.

More class actions target Alden, other care facilities over use of employee fingerprints

Alden Management Services, which operates numerous nursing homes and other care facilities throughout the Chicago area and northern Illinois, has come in for legal examination, along with other operators of Chicago area care facilities, as attorneys for employees in these health care organizations have brought yet more class action lawsuits against their employers under an Illinois law designed to govern the collection of use of so-called “biometric” identifiers, such as fingerprints.

After winning settlement, lawyers fight over their shares of the spoils in NCAA concussion class action

Lawyers are scrimmaging in Chicago federal court over $21 million in fees for handling the nationwide concussion lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletics Association, which resulted in a $70 million settlement to improve “medical monitoring” of college athletes at risk of brain injuries.

Class actions deleted vs Spokeo, Intelius, others over web search name 'keyword insertion' ad tricks

A federal judge has tossed a cluster of class action lawsuits launched against online personal information listing providers, including Spokeo, Intelius. InstantCheckmate and BeenVerified, saying a web search advertising technique didn’t violate plaintiffs’ rights to control the use of their identity simply by using a person's name in an ad designed to steer people to their online people search products.

Judge: Lawyers' objections to rival attorneys' $24M fee request merely cash grab, not worth $59K fees

While a Texas lawyer and his client say their efforts helped reduce other attorneys’ multi-million dollar payday under a $56 million class action settlement deal, a federal judge has rejected their attempts to grab a $59,000 share of that settlement, saying their efforts were redundant and produced nothing but an opportunity for them to grab some quick cash.

Edelson class actions target Senior Lifestyle Corp, Symphony Healthcare, Aryzta over worker fingerprints

Edelson P.C., a Chicago law firm known for launching class actions over digital privacy issues, has set its sights on three more employers – the operator of 51 Illinois senior living and care facilities; the operator of two dozen Illinois nursing and rehabilitation centers; and the bakery behind the Otis Spunkmeyer and La Brea Bread brands – accusing each of breaking an Illinois biometrics privacy law.

Judge: Lawyers may need to justify $1.12M fee request for '3 months work' in sex toy case settlement

While saying he was concerned by the prospect of two lawyers attempting to claim “$550,000 for just over three months of work,” a federal magistrate judge has still recommended they receive more than $500,000 each for their work in collecting a $3.75 million class action settlement from the makers of a smartphone-controlled sex toy alleged to have essentially spied on users.