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Sun-Times sues CTA, Chicago Police over failure to turn over video of man being pushed onto L tracks

The Chicago Sun-Times is suing the Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Police Department for allegedly failing to produce video surveillance footage showing a passenger being pushed from a platform at a Blue Line CTA station by another man.

CTA sued over electrocution death of man who fell onto L tracks amid diabetic shock

A woman is suing the Chicago Transit Authority for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent a man from falling on "L" train tracks, where he was electrocuted and died.

Woman sues CTA for injuries allegedly suffered in 2014 O'Hare Blue Line crash

A woman is suing the Chicago Transit Authority for alleged negligence.

Class action: Ventra student discounts wrongly denied by CTA, Pace, to homeschooled students

A Brookfield parent who thinks transit agencies should resume giving homeschooled students fare discounts is pressing the issue in a class action lawsuit.

Woman says was knocked down, dragged while boarding CTA bus

A woman is suing the Chicago Transit Authority and a CTA employee for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Chicago Transit Authority, others accused of negligence

A worker is suing Walsh/II In One Joint Venture III, Walsh Construction Company, Chicago Transit Authority and Atlas Crane Service Inc. for alleged liability and negligence.

Appeals court: CTA workers union may have been too late in bringing labor case over Ventra rollout

A state appeals court has reversed itself, directing the Illinois Labor Relations Board to take yet another look at a 2013 unfair labor practice case brought by a union against the Chicago Transit Authority over its handling of the rollout of the Ventra fare payment system.

Woman says CTA bus driver failed to check if she was seated before accelerating

A woman is suing the Chicago Transit Authority and a bus driver, claiming the bus she was riding on accelerated before she was seated, causing injuries.

Appeals panel: CTA may have broken labor deal in rearranging jobs amid Ventra rollout

Appeals panel: CTA may have broken labor deal in rearranging jobs amid Ventra rollout

Federal judge kicks contractors' tussle over CTA HVAC renovation project to state court

A dispute between two air conditioning manufacturers over a CTA contract won’t continue in federal court after a judge in Chicago relinquished jurisdiction and dismissed the action, allowing it to be filed again in state court. 

CTA must pay part-time bus drivers $7M to settle labor dispute over 2010 layoffs: Appellate order

The Chicago Transit Authority will need to pay a group of its part-time bus drivers more than $7 million after a state appellate panel upheld an arbitrator’s determination the bus drivers’ union was correct in believing the CTA had overworked the drivers, in violation of their collective bargaining agreement. 

CTA retirees OK to sue over health benefit changes, but modifications not forbidden

The Illinois Supreme Court has again sided with public worker retirees, saying retired Chicago Transportation Authority workers have a right to sue the CTA under the Illinois constitution’s so-called pension protection clause for requiring retirees to pay more for their health insurance.

Bus passenger blames CTA for causing his injuries

CHICAGO – A Chicago man is suing the CTA, alleging he was struck by a handicapped ramp while aboard a CTA bus.

Chicago offers amnesty program for certain back-due taxes through Dec. 31

The City of Chicago has offered a Tax Debt Amnesty Program allowing city taxpayers a chance to avoid interest and penalties on certain unpaid taxes if the outstanding debt is brought up to date by Dec. 31.

Class action demands Chicago refund all property transfer taxes charged to buyers of Fannie Mae foreclosures

A woman who bought a home last year in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood believes the city improperly charged her taxes on her purchase of the formerly foreclosed property from Fannie Mae, and she has filed a class action to demand the city pay her back, as well as perhaps thousands of others who have paid real estate transfer taxes to the city for property they, too, purchased from either of the federal mortgage giants.

Former business partners bring dispute over CTA telecom project to Cook County court

Former business partners are at odds over the spoils of a Chicago Transit Authority telecommunications technology project. In a complaint filed Nov. 16 in Cook County Circuit Court, HCK Group, doing business as Informity Systems, brought 10 counts against Informity Network and its president Edita Arambulo, as well as former HCK employee Cynthia Chappell.

Fannie Mae: Chicago can't collect transfer taxes on foreclosed properties sold by federal agencies

Fannie Mae, the federally-controlled largest provider of funding for mortgage loans in the country, has sued the city of Chicago in federal court to ask a judge to halt the city’s efforts to collect real estate transfer taxes on the residential properties the agency sells. On Oct. 15, the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the federal agency which oversees Fannie, filed its complaint in federal court in Chicago against

Woman sues motorized wheelchair business, alleging negligence

A woman is suing a motorized wheelchair and medical equipment manufacturer, alleging her defective wheelchair malfunctioned and caused her serious injuries.

Cook County commuter sues CTA, alleging negligence in beating

A Cook County commuter is suing the Chicago Transit Authority, alleging injuries on a commuter train.

Passenger sues Chicago Transit Authority for alleged transportation carelessness

A woman is suing over claims she was injured when a Chicago Transit Authority train's doors caught her clothing and caused her to fall.