Cook County Record

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


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  • Man exonerated of murder says celebrity lawyer Zellner owes $20M for not winning civil rights suit

    A man who says he was wrongly convicted of murder claims celebrity attorney Kathleen Zellner, who made her name representing another man at the heart of the 2015 Netflix television series, Making A Murderer, did not properly represent him in a civil rights lawsuit, and now owes him $20 million.

  • Judge OKs Chicago 'cloud tax' on Netflix, other streaming services; plaintiffs vow appeal over far-reaching implications

    Saying he believes Illinois law gives the city of Chicago the power to slap a 9 percent tax on people who pay to use Netflix, Spotify, Xbox Live and other streaming services, a Cook County judge has said plaintiffs need to pull the plug on a challenge to Chicago’s so-called “cloud tax.” Plaintiffs, however, said they intend to appeal, because the decision has more far-reaching implications for the ability of revenue-hungry Illinois governments to impose similar taxes throughout the state.

  • Lawsuit: City sidestepped law in enacting 'Cloud Tax' via administrative ruling on streaming media

    A group of Chicago residents who subscribe to a range of online streaming media services, including Netflix, Xbox Live, Amazon Prime and Spotify, have sued City Hall, asserting the decision by the city’s comptroller to tax the services under the city’s existing amusement tax is illegal. On Sept. 9, the Chicago-based legal non-profit Liberty Justice Center filed the complaint challenging the so-called “Cloud Tax” in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of six Chicago residents.