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Appeals court: No arbitration over claims Personnel Staffing transferred funds to sidestep arbitration award

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 20, 2018

A state appeals court has refused to send to arbitration a dispute between insurer Zurich American and Personnel Staffing Group, in which Zurich claims PSG attempted to transfer more than $10 million to avoid paying an arbitration award.

IL Supreme Court takes up Six Flags fingerprint scanning case, to answer question: Who can sue under BIPA?

By Kory Oswald | Jun 14, 2018

With class action lawsuits piling up against employers and other businesses, the Illinois Supreme Court will soon step in to perhaps answer the question of who may sue under a state privacy law when an employer or merchant scans their fingerprints or other biometric identifiers to verify their identity for theme park admission, participation in various programs or to track hours worked, among other purposes.

Seventh Circuit decision continues trend favoring debtors over collectors in debt dispute lawsuits, attorneys say

By John Sammon | Jun 1, 2018

A federal appeals panel has affirmed a judgment for debtors in a dispute with a debt collector over whether a debt was actually disputed, and the decision only continues a trend within Chicago's federal courts of moving the needle in such cases in favor of those owing disputed debts, said lawyers following such cases.

California Supreme Court's decision on independent contractors could mean big changes for employers

By Elizabeth Alt | May 11, 2018

A recent decision by the California Supreme Court may pose new litigation risks for companies by changing the way the state defines employees or independent contractors, according to Richard Reibstein, an attorney with Locke Lord and co-head of the law firm’s independent contractor compliance practice.

Proposed blockchain bill could push Illinois to forefront of smart contract use, attorney says

By Karen Kidd | May 11, 2018

Proposed bipartisan legislation currently before a state House committee that would grant legal recognition to blockchain smart contracts could propel the state ahead of the curve in business transactions that currently remain paper based, a Chicago-based attorney said during a recent interview.

Lawyer: IL appeals ruling gives plaintiffs' bar another 'arrow' to wrest deals from dismissed defendants

By Robert Davis | Apr 16, 2018

An Illinois state appeals court's recent decision will give plaintiffs' lawyers "another arrow in their quiver" to keep previously dismissed defendants and marginal parties roped into litigation, in the hope of securing a settlement payment, an attorney said.

California judge's refusal to toss IL privacy suit vs Facebook may have limited implications for similar cases

By Takesha Thomas | Apr 6, 2018

Facebook won't be able to quickly delete a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating an Illinois privacy law by tagging people in photographs posted by other users on the social media platform. However, the decision may have limited implications for other lawsuits against companies accused of breaking the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, an attorney says.

Attorneys say recent decision by federal judge is 'valuable precedent for debt collectors'

By Glenn Minnis | Apr 5, 2018

A recent decision by an Illinois federal judge, which acknowledged the struggle that many debt collectors face when determining the lengths they should go to or the methods they should use to collect on a debt, could give those collectors a slight legal boost.

Attorneys say debt collection agencies must watch language after federal court ruling

By Elizabeth Alt | Mar 5, 2018

A recent federal court decision underscores the importance of minding the verbs used in communications from debt collectors.

New York court considers Illinois biometrics data case against Take-Two Interactive Software

By John Sammon | Nov 10, 2017

A New York federal appeals court will consider the reach and scope of an Illinois privacy law now being used by many plaintiff attorneys to target many different businesses with class action lawsuits alleging technical violations.

Bank of America, others prevail in class-action suit over consumer privacy

By Elizabeth Alt | Oct 12, 2017

A federal judge in Illinois has ruled that Bank of America and other banks were not in violation of consumer privacy acts and dismissed a class-action suit accusing the bank of improperly distributing the confidential information of homeowners who had borrowed mortgage loans.

$17.5M deal announced to end cell phone call class action vs Ocwen Loan Servicing; lawyers to ask $5M

By Scott Holland | Sep 21, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has been asked to sign off on a settlement worth $17.5 million - and worth perhaps as much as $5.7 million for lawyers - to end a class action lawsuit over alleged improper cell phone calls.

Judge: Not enough proof tying suburban Palestinian groups to Hamas to enforce $156M judgment

By Dan Churney | Aug 25, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has tossed a lawsuit against suburban Palestinian aid groups, which alleged the groups were disguised versions of defunct Hamas support organizations that owed a $156 million judgment to a couple whose son was killed by Hamas in a terrorist attack in Israel, saying there was not enough evidence to show the new groups were alter egos of the old ones.

Court grants class status in case of Illinois inmates claiming substandard health care

By Melissa Busch | May 11, 2017

A group of Illinois prison inmates will be allowed to move forward with their class action suit claiming health care provided to inmates in the Illinois Department of Corrections violates constitutional standards.

City levies higher fees to register vacant buildings, sock lenders, loan servicers

By Taryn Phaneuf | Dec 14, 2016

The city of Chicago has amended a city code to reduce the number of vacant buildings throughout Chicago, socking lenders and mortgage servicers with higher fees in the process, even as those lenders navigate the slow county judicial foreclosure process. 

Customer contract provision sends spam text message class action vs Jackson Hewitt to arbitration

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 17, 2016

A suburban Marengo man will not – for now - be able to press his claim income tax return preparer Jackson Hewitt, and its partners American Express and Restaurant.com, illegally spammed his phone with text messages, after a Chicago federal judge ruled the agreement he signed with Jackson Hewitt also mandated all disputes over the contract be handled through arbitration.

Alma Lasers says customer hasn't paid invoices for purchased cosmetic laser equipment

By Louie Torres | Nov 2, 2016

A maker of cosmetic laser equipment is suing Yigazu Isthetics and Wellness Center, citing alleged breach of contract.

Judge: Ditto Trade founder Fox slapped for not paying legal bills of whistleblower ex-Ditto CEO

By Dan Churney | Oct 14, 2016

A Chicago federal judge is holding the founder of a defunct Chicago online brokerage firm in contempt of court for failing to pay the legal costs racked up by a former CEO, who successfully sued the founder for defaming and firing him after he blew the whistle on alleged financial finagling. 

Judge orders Ditto Trade to pay fired whistleblowing ex-CEO $2.7 million

By Dan Churney | Apr 15, 2016

A Chicago federal judge has ordered Chicago online brokerage firm Ditto Trade to pay $2.7 million to its former chief executive officer, for allegedly firing him because he informed federal securities regulators of possible misconduct by a high official with the firm.

John Crane renews demands judge reject 'revolutionary' sanctions sought by Ford over asbestos case actions

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 29, 2016

Lawyers for John Crane Inc. have again asked a Cook County judge to reject demands by Ford Motors and other asbestos co-defendants to punish Crane, saying Ford has asked the court to do "something nothing short of revolutionary" in response to allegations Crane allowed plaintiffs' lawyers to use it as a “shill” to prevent other defendants from moving asbestos cases out of Cook County's courts.

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