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IL appeals court revives suit vs Motorola over birth defects in children of factory workers

By Scott Holland | Feb 22, 2018

An Illinois appeals court has revived significant portions of a lawsuit that seeks to assign blame for birth defects to Motorola, rejecting, in part, the company's arguments parents and former Motorola workers can't sue because the fathers, rather than the mothers of the children, allegedly were exposed to the alleged toxic substances at Motorola factories in Arizona and Texas.

Judge: Faxed invite to diabetes drug seminar enough to let TCPA class action continue

By Dee Thompson | Dec 28, 2017

Receiving an unwanted fax, inviting medical professionals to a "free seminar" discussing diabetes treatment options is harmful enough to allow a class action to continue against a drugmaker and a company that describes its mission as "connecting" nurse practitioners with drug companies' clinical research, a Chicago federal judge has said.

Judge, Orland Park Library foes end years-long legal spat sparked by library internet porn policies

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 18, 2016

A years-long legal battle involving a group of Orland Park residents, a New Jersey blogger and an Orland Park library employee who each accused those on the other side of spreading lies about them in an attempt to bring the other side to heel in a fight over library policy, has ended in Chicago’s federal courts, after a judge dismissed the library employee’s last attempt at continuing her lawsuit against the blogger.

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