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Appeals panel: Couple hit by car can sue Uber, driver for dropping them off at busy intersection at 2 a.m.

By Dan Churney | Dec 24, 2018

An Illinois appeals panel has reversed a Cook County judge’s ruling that a Uber driver could not have foreseen a Chicago couple, whom he kicked out of his vehicle in the middle of the night, would then be hit by a car, finding the Uber driver should have known such an eventuality was possible.

IL Supreme Court: Law caps liability for rental car companies, no matter if self-insured

By Dan Churney | Oct 21, 2015

Predicting a double standard would result if it allowed an appeals court’s decision to stand, the Illinois Supreme Court said a lower court erred in ordering a self-insured Chicago-area car rental business to pay the victim of a car crash $600,000 – far more than what would have been required under the law if the company had purchased an outside insurance policy.

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