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Feds snag $100K deal from defunct Northbrook firm accused of leaving HIPAA records in dumpster

By Michael McGrady | Feb 28, 2018

A recent $100,000 settlement with a defunct Northbrook-based record and file storage and disposal firm should put companies dealing in legally protected personal information on notice that the federal government will not allow a business closure to deter it from enforcing HIPAA privacy rules.

Facebook: IL Biometrics Privacy law unconstitutional; outcome of case still being closely watched

By Kristin Regula | Dec 22, 2016

Tag friends in a photo online, and Facebook and other social media companies could get sued. But Facebook has now asked a California judge to declare unconstitutional an Illinois biometrics privacy law under which such lawsuits have been brought against Facebook and other social media and digital photo-sharing sites.

Shutterfly settles Illinois privacy class action over facial recognition tech

By Rebecca Campbell | May 9, 2016

Shutterfly has settled a class action suit alleging the online photo sharing site violated Illinois privacy laws by creating a system permitting photos to be stored and searched using facial recognition technology. The amount of the settlement has not been disclosed.

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