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Monday, March 30, 2020

McGarry and McGarry LLC

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  • Law firm says software biz, competitors, banks, conspired to fix market for bankruptcy banking fees

    About a month since a federal judge dismissed its lawsuit against Rabobank for allegedly cornering the bankruptcy banking services market through an alliance with a developer of bankruptcy case management software, a Chicago law firm has reintroduced its allegations, this time in a class action antitrust lawsuit directed at the software maker it alleges has conspired with its competitors to overcharge those depositing bankruptcy funds.

  • Law firm says Rabobank improperly used software biz deal to corner bankruptcy banking market

    A Chicago law firm has brought a federal class action lawsuit against Rabobank, alleging the U.S. wing of the Dutch banking group has violated federal law by unfairly cornered the market on bankruptcy banking services through an alliance with a software company marketing its support services to U.S. bankruptcy trustees, a tactic the lawyers claimed allowed the bank to charge fees which effectively created a “negative interest rate” on deposited bankruptcy funds.

  • Survivor co-founders land in court over use of band's name to promote career of departed member Peterik

    The classic rock band Survivor has asked a federal judge to kill the lights and cut the mic on the use of the iconic Chicago area band’s name and other identifying marks in promoting solo performances by former band member and fellow Survivor founder, Jim Peterik. On Jan. 11, Survivor founding member Frank Sullivan, of Palatine, and Mokena-based Survivor Music Inc. filed suit in Chicago federal court against Peterik, of Burr Ridge.

  • Survivor band member Sullivan rocks Huckabee campaign for using 'Eye of the Tiger' at rally

    Will Mike Huckabee rise up to the challenge of his legal rival? Palatine-based Rude Music, owned by Survivor guitarist Frankie Sullivan, is taking the former Arkansas governor to court over the allegedly unauthorized use of song "Eye of the Tiger" at a public event of his presidential campaign.