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Appeals panel tosses injured construction worker's $5M settlement, says Cook Co. judges erred at trial

By Scott Holland | Dec 13, 2017

A state appeals panel has ordered a new trial to determine liability for injuries a worker suffered on a Walmart construction site, after determining Cook County judges didn’t properly account for a settlement agreement between the worker and some of the defendants before allowing a jury to determine who should shoulder the blame for the accident, and how much each defendant should pay.

Ulta demands $1.78M over demolition dust from next door that caused S. State St. store to close

By Louie Torres | Sep 16, 2017

Two companies are suing Tishman Realty Corp. and Tishman Construction Corporation of Illinois for alleged liability and negligently demolishing a property next to a store in the 100 block of S. State Street in Chicago.

Legal tussle continues over who should be responsible for sunken haunted barge at Navy Pier

By Dana Herra | Nov 26, 2015

Who should be responsible for the sinking of a haunted barge at Navy Pier last year remains an unsolved riddle, after a federal judge dowsed some counts of a lawsuit surrounding the incident, but gave the plaintiff time to address the issues and file an amended complaint. The barge, a haunted house-style Halloween attraction, sank on Halloween 2014 while it was docked at Navy Pier in a storm.

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