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Attorney fees clipped, class awards tripled under new deal to end Southwest drink voucher class action

By Dee Thompson | Feb 16, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has ended a long-running lawsuit involving Southwest Airlines premium drink coupons, after Southwest agreed to give members of the class triple damages and attorneys for the plaintiffs agreed to reduce their demand for fees by $200,000.

Data breach class action vs Barnes & Noble falls apart after judge finds victims suffered no injury

By Dana Herra | Oct 6, 2016

A federal judge has dismissed an attempt by customers of Barnes & Noble to sue the bookseller over a 2012 data breach they say exposed them to an increased risk of identity theft.

Judge delays additional attorney fees in Southwest drink voucher class action, but scolds objectors

By Dan Churney | Jul 1, 2016

A Chicago federal judge reversed one of his earlier decisions, but at the same time rebuked a member of a class-action suit for the member’s objection to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional attorney fees in a case against Southwest Airlines over in-flight drink vouchers – a case in which class members have received free drinks, while plaintiffs’ attorneys slated to pocket more than $1.6 million. 

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