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IL Supreme Court douses class action vs Walgreens for charging Chicago bottled water tax on more than bottled water

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 20, 2019

llinois’ highest state court has bottled up a class action vs Walgreens, as justices said a man can’t claim the retail pharmacy chain defrauded him by charging Chicago's bottled water tax on his Perrier and LaCroix.

Federal judge undoes potential class action deal to end litigation over 2014 Neiman Marcus data breach

By Scott Holland | Sep 20, 2018

A federal judge has sided with objectors who want to undo a class action settlement involving a five-year-old Neiman Marcus data breach, saying the leading plaintiffs do not adequately represent the entire group.

American Airlines workers bring class action saying material in new gray uniforms made them sick

By Scott Holland | Aug 29, 2018

American Airlines employees have filed a class action complaint against the carrier and the company that makes their new uniforms, alleging chemicals in the synthetic fabric have sickened thousands of workers.

Appeals panel: Objector earned $80K atty fees for getting Southwest passengers class two more free drinks each

By Scott Holland | Aug 6, 2018

A federal appeals panel has cleared an objector to claim attorney fees for his role in landing a class of eligible Southwest Airlines passengers two more free in-flight drinks, amid a long-running class action lawsuit over drink vouchers the airline formerly provided to passengers.

Advocate Christ Medical Center dropped from suit alleging false Medicare claims

By Dan Churney | Jul 13, 2018

A Chicago federal judge has agreed to drop a suburban hospital from a lawsuit brought by a doctor who claimed the hospital had submitted phony claims to Medicare, reversing his prior ruling, and saying he now sees the hospital’s alleged involvement in the alleged scheme was minimal at best and Advocate should have been dropped from the case.

Federal appeals court revives shelved data breach suit vs Barnes & Noble; 'trifling loss' still actual loss: Judges

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 12, 2018

Saying a “trifling loss” is still a loss under state consumer protection laws, a federal appeals panel has reopened the book on a potential class action lawsuit against Barnes & Noble over a 2012 data breach that cost customers some time and money in protecting themselves from potential identity theft, and which the appellate judges took care to note also victimized the chain of big box bookstores.

After winning settlement, lawyers fight over their shares of the spoils in NCAA concussion class action

By Dan Churney | Sep 19, 2017

Lawyers are scrimmaging in Chicago federal court over $21 million in fees for handling the nationwide concussion lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletics Association, which resulted in a $70 million settlement to improve “medical monitoring” of college athletes at risk of brain injuries.

Attorney fees clipped, class awards tripled under new deal to end Southwest drink voucher class action

By Dee Thompson | Feb 16, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has ended a long-running lawsuit involving Southwest Airlines premium drink coupons, after Southwest agreed to give members of the class triple damages and attorneys for the plaintiffs agreed to reduce their demand for fees by $200,000.

Data breach class action vs Barnes & Noble falls apart after judge finds victims suffered no injury

By Dana Herra | Oct 6, 2016

A federal judge has dismissed an attempt by customers of Barnes & Noble to sue the bookseller over a 2012 data breach they say exposed them to an increased risk of identity theft.

Judge delays additional attorney fees in Southwest drink voucher class action, but scolds objectors

By Dan Churney | Jul 1, 2016

A Chicago federal judge reversed one of his earlier decisions, but at the same time rebuked a member of a class-action suit for the member’s objection to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional attorney fees in a case against Southwest Airlines over in-flight drink vouchers – a case in which class members have received free drinks, while plaintiffs’ attorneys slated to pocket more than $1.6 million. 

Judge awards $458K more to attorneys already paid $1.6 million for class action vs Southwest over flight drink vouchers

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 27, 2016

After beating back an appeal of the settlement agreement that granted them more than $1.6 million in fees, the attorneys who represented a group of people who brought a class action against Southwest Airlines for refusing to honor drink vouchers will not get all the additional fees they requested for their work on the appeal.

Class action demands Cook County refund bail bond fees retained by circuit clerk before 2016

By Scott Holland | Mar 31, 2016

A man who was acquitted of murder charges stemming from a 2014 Palatine bar fight has sued the offices of Cook County’s circuit clerk and treasurer, alleging they kept far too much of his bail bond fees – and he believes they likely did the same to potentially thousands of others who have posted bond in recent years.

Water Reclamation District board candidate illegally placed robocalls to cell phones, lawsuit says

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 3, 2016

The political campaign for a candidate seeking a seat on the board of commissioners overseeing sewage treatment and stormwater management in Chicago and most of Cook County has been hit with a class action lawsuit, alleging the campaign violated federal law when it placed pre-recorded robocalls to cell phones.

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