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Friday, April 3, 2020

Bond, Schoeneck & King

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  • New York appeals court decision involving Illinois-based Allied could mean changes for out-of-state contracts

    A recent decision by an appeals court in New York involving an Illinois-based moving company could have a widespread impact on companies that have out-of-state contracts with franchisees or affiliates. The decision essentially stated that out-of-state companies cannot impose their workplace policies on their affiliates in New York if those policies are counter to state law.

  • Judge: NLRB 'joint employer' subpoenas cost of doing business for McDonald's franchisees

    The National Labor Relations Board has ordered up a legal victory in its ongoing effort to investigate McDonald’s and its franchisees in the Chicago area and nationwide over allegations of unfair labor practices lodged by labor unions seeking to secure a federal determination that McDonald’s and its franchise operators are, for the purposes of unionization and collective bargaining, employees of McDonald’s and not just of the franchisees who issue their paychecks.