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Groupon, 3rd party sellers can't be required to offer ADA accessible seating, lodging options: Judge

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 31, 2018

A federal judge has shut down a disability discrimination lawsuit against Groupon, saying the online bargains site should not be considered a place of public accommodations, and so can’t be required to sell tickets for event seating or vouchers for hotel rooms accessible to those with disabilities.

Judge: Groupon must turn over info on employees, hiring, to EEOC for discrimination investigation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 26, 2016

Groupon will need to open its doors and computers to federal workplace discrimination regulators, a federal judge has ruled, saying she did not believe the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s demands to pore over potentially large amounts of documents related to Groupon’s hiring practices were excessive, even though the document request came as part of the EEOC’s investigation of a single allegation of racial hiring discrimination against the company.

Groupon says IBM stole tech to craft GPS-based targeted sales pitches to shoppers

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 9, 2016

Groupon has delivered a lawsuit against IBM, demanding the tech titan pay it untold millions for allegedly taking elements of location-based shopping technology Groupon developed for use in its own programs which it sells to retailers to use GPS to target offers and promotions at certain customers.

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