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Monday, October 21, 2019

Illinois Department of the Lottery

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  • Class action: Ex-IL Lottery managers owe jackpot for manipulating games to reduce big prize payouts

    Two players of the Illinois Lottery’s scratch-off games have asked a court to award a jackpot from the former operators of the state lottery system, alleging Northstar Lottery Group owes them and others who played the state’s instant games for flooding the market with tickets to greatly reduce the odds players could win grand prizes, contrary to advertised odds, allowing the Lottery to pocket millions of dollars more than it should have.

  • Lottery winners, rebuffed in federal court, bring class action in Cook to collect interest on winnings

    About a month after a federal judge dismissed their lawsuit against the Illinois Lottery over failure to pay winnings amid the ongoing Illinois state budget impasse, plaintiffs from the dismissed federal case have hit the same lottery and state officials with another class action, this time asserting the state owes them interest on the unpaid or slowly paid lottery winnings.

  • Lotto winners demand Lottery pay up despite state budget problems, stop selling tickets for large jackpot games

    The state of Illinois has been operating since July 1 without a budget in place, causing a slowing or stoppage of payments in several arenas. One of those casualties was lottery players who won $25,000 or more on a single ticket. In response, two Illinois Lottery winners have filed a class action complaint against B.R. Lane, acting Illinois Lottery director, as well as the Lottery itself, the Lottery Control Board and Northstar Lottery Group, the private firm that operates lottery games in Illin