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'It's more possible now' - Penn Supreme Court ruling could open gerrymander reform avenue in IL, via courts

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 5, 2018

A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on the question of partisan gerrymandering could introduce a new avenue for reformers to pursue in breaking the hammerlock on the legislative redistricting process currently held by legislative leaders in the Illinois General Assembly, and other states.

Seventh Circuit strikes down IL 'full slate' 3rd party election rule, says state blocked election participation

By Elizabeth Alt | Nov 1, 2017

Upcoming Illinois elections could see more third-party candidates than in past rounds of balloting after Illinois' full slate ballot requirement law, which placed additional burdens on third party candidates seeking to run for office, was struck down by a federal appeals court.

Change in chief justices not likely to produce other significant changes at IL Supreme Court, experts say

By Taryn Phaneuf | Nov 22, 2016

Justice Lloyd Karmeier’s selection as chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court won’t have much effect on the way the court makes decisions, political scientists in the state say.

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