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United Continental pilots' class action suit vs their union should survive, judge says

By DM Herra | Jun 4, 2019

A federal judge has grounded an airline pilots’ union’s efforts to dodge a class-action lawsuit by arguing the claims brought by the suit expired while the case was on appeal, and the class action over pay owed to pilot instructors will continue.

What's ahead for Smollett? Next steps could include civil lawsuits, questions over Foxx recusal

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 27, 2019

In the wake of the dismissal of charges vs actor Jussie Smollett, the city could have various cards left to play to recover the costs of the investigation or even reopen the case.

Class action vs Chicago over distracted driving tickets OK to continue; City: Not really a moving violation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 12, 2019

A Cook County judge, for now, has allowed a class action lawsuit to proceed against the city of Chicago, brought by a group of people who claimed the city wrongly prosecuted tens of thousands of distracted driving tickets.

Chicago City Hall hit with class action over duplicative city sticker tickets

By Scott Holland | Dec 3, 2018

The city of Chicago is facing a class action complaint over the city’s longstanding practice of issuing duplicative vehicle tickets. The lawsuit was filed by the same attorneys who earlier this year settled for $11 million in fees for a class action over red light camera fines.

Appeals court lets pilots’ suit take off again, says fliers’ union may have breached representation duty

By Dan Churney | Aug 21, 2018

A dismissed suit by United Airlines pilot instructors, which alleged their union unfairly divided retroactive pay among different pilot categories, is flying again, courtesy of a Chicago federal appeals panel that ruled a lower court should not have grounded the suit, because the instructors plausibly argued the union gave them the short end of the stick.

Lawsuit: Chicago racks up 'hundreds of millions' in excessive fines for 'minor violations,' too punitive to be legal

By Scott Holland | Jul 23, 2018

A Chicago man has initiated a class action complaint against the city, claiming its penalties for minor violations like parking tickets or missing car window stickers are so punitive – particularly against those “least able to pay them” – that they violate state law. He is represented by the same lawyers which recently announced a $38 million settlement agreement with City Hall over its red light camera program, earning the firm $11 million in fees.

Judge: Jimmy John's can't be considered 'joint employer' of asst managers working at franchise shops

By Scott Holland | Jun 28, 2018

A federal judge in Chicago has ordered up a win for Jimmy John’s, saying the sandwich shop chain cannot be considered the joint employer of a group of assistant managers suing in search of overtime pay.

Judge: Class action can continue vs Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, Ironwood, others, over recorded calls

By Scott Holland | Apr 3, 2018

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a class action alleging telemarketers illegally recorded phone conversations among its banking clients’ business customers.

Cook County judge OKs final $38M deal to end red light camera class action; lawyers get $11M

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 27, 2018

A Cook County judge has signed off on a settlement to end what plaintiffs’ lawyers have touted as the first successful class action lawsuit against the city of Chicago over alleged abuses within its red light camera program.

Court asked to sign off on red light camera settlement; lawyers defend $11M fee request

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 5, 2018

A Cook County judge could grant final approval later this week to a $38.75 million settlement deal intended to end a class action lawsuit against Chicago City Hall over the city’s red-light traffic camera enforcement program. And the lawyers behind that lawsuit are defending their request for more than $11 million in fees.

Appeals court: Cook Courts Clerk can be sued for charging improper motion fees

By Scott Holland | Feb 5, 2018

A panel of state appeals justices will allow the Cook County Circuit Clerk’s office to be sued for allegedly illegally making litigants pay fees to file certain types of motions, saying the clerk can’t argue their payment signaled their assent to the fees, as failure to pay the fees would have locked them out of the ability to challenge the orders pending against them in court.

Appeals court: Jimmy John's asst mgrs lawsuit vs corporate parent doesn't bar lawsuits vs franchisees

By Scott Holland | Dec 16, 2017

A federal appeals court in Chicago has ruled a group of assistant managers suing Jimmy John’s over their treatment can proceed with lawsuits against both the parent company and its franchisees, even though a federal district judge had said they had to wait to sue the franchisees until they progressed further in their class action against the sub sandwich chain.

Objector: 'Collusive' Chicago red light camera class action deal pays lawyers too much, lets city off cheap

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 12, 2017

Saying the deal “reeks of a collusive settlement” that will give millions to lawyers and next to nothing for law-abiding residents who dutifully paid their $100 fines, an attorney, who is pressing his own class action case seeking to “dismantle” Chicago’s red light camera program, has filed an objection asking a Cook County judge to undue a settlement Chicago city officials have said they hope will allow City Hall to bring class action litigation over the red light camera program to a relatively inexpensive end.

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