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IL Supreme Court OKs law that allowed union lobbyist to collect teacher pension after one day in classroom

By Dan Churney | Apr 4, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court says a teachers union lobbyist will be allowed to double his pension after he served as a substitute teacher for one day. The decision came over dissents from other justices on the court who said the law allowing the pension boost was merely written to benefit a handful of union employees at taxpayer expense.

New filing offers more details about ex-Madigan staffer's alleged blackballing that followed harassment complaint

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 5, 2019

The woman who has claimed Democrats in Illinois and Chicago, led by House Speaker Michael J. Madigan, blackballed her in retaliation for complaining of sexual harassment at the hands of a Madigan operative, has provided further details to her claims, naming names of prominent Chicago Democrats who declined to hire her out of fear of further retribution from Madigan’s team.

Justice Dept: Class action deal should crumble; Serves only to pay lawyers, promote Lenny & Larry's cookies

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 21, 2019

The federal government has asked a federal judge to crumble a deal to end a false labeling class action lawsuit against Lenny & Larry’s, the makers of high-protein cookies, saying the settlement is far too lopsided, as it leaves attorneys with more than $1 million and consumers with perhaps a few crumbs, should they be lucky enough to land a cut of $3 million worth of free cookies.

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