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Appeals panel: Couple hit by car can sue Uber, driver for dropping them off at busy intersection at 2 a.m.

By Dan Churney | Dec 24, 2018

An Illinois appeals panel has reversed a Cook County judge’s ruling that a Uber driver could not have foreseen a Chicago couple, whom he kicked out of his vehicle in the middle of the night, would then be hit by a car, finding the Uber driver should have known such an eventuality was possible.

Judge: Lawsuit vs Uber over wheelchair access can continue; Uber 'public accommodation' under ADA

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 18, 2018

A federal judge will allow plaintiffs with disabilities who use motorized wheelchairs to continue their ADA access lawsuit against Uber, saying he believed Uber coud be treated as a public accommodation under the Amercians with Disabilities Act.

Uber Technologies Inc., others accused of negligence after automobile accident

By Louie Torres | Feb 1, 2018

A man is suing Alpha Diallo, Sisaymesteta Weldemaorian, Welnshet Sifu, 24/7 Taxi Management Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

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