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Appeals panel: Federal law trumps state privacy law in class actions vs airlines over fingerprint scans

By Scott Holland | Jun 14, 2019

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed airlines shouldn’t face class action lawsuits concerning the use of employee fingerprint scans for biometric punch clocks

Southwest Airlines workers: Class action over fingerprint scans not subject to union deal interpretation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 7, 2019

Lawyers for a group of Southwest Airlines employees have asked a federal appeals court to find a Chicago federal judge was wrong to toss their class action accusing the airline of violating their rights under a state’s biometrics privacy law, as the plaintiffs said their union contract doesn’t negate the airline’s alleged liability under the state law.

Patient claims Stryker Orthopaedics' prosthetic hip released cobalt into his body

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 28, 2019

A man is suing Stryker Orthopaedics, a medical technologies firm, citing alleged design defect and strict product liability.

Patient alleges Wright Medical Technology hip device released 'dangerous levels' of cobalt in his body

By Bree Gonzales | Jan 4, 2019

A man alleges a medical device implanted in his body released "dangerous levels" of cobalt and he needed a second surgery to have the device removed.

Wright Medical Technology hip device allegedly released levels of cobalt into man's body

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Dec 26, 2018

An Illinois man alleges a medical device released dangerous levels of cobalt into his body.

Patient alleges Art of Modern Dentistry billed for services it never performed

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 19, 2018

A patient alleges a Chicago dental office falsely represented to her that she would never be personally financially responsible for dental services it provided.

Pace Suburban Bus passenger alleges bus struck him, ran over legs

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Dec 14, 2018

A bus passenger alleges the driver failed to clear him before driving away, struck him and ran over both of his legs.

Trial lawyers: EPA admission of fault in Sterigenics emissions measuring won't matter to lawsuits vs company

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 30, 2018

As federal environmental regulators reassess their controversial measurements of emissions from the Sterigenics plant in Willowbrook, a group of lawyers representing Willowbrook residents are continuing unfazed in their lawsuits against the company, based largely on findings in a federal report that relied heavily on the allegedly faulty data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Sterigenics: Lawsuits asking courts to rewrite federal clean air rules, based on a 'flawed' report

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 29, 2018

Saying plaintiffs are asking the courts to essentially rewrite federal environmental laws and regulatory rules based on a single report issued by a federal agency relying on faulty data, medical device sterilizer Sterigenics has asked a federal judge to corral a stampede of lawsuits that have hit the courts in recent weeks amid a blizzard of media reports asserting the company’s use of a key sterilizing agent at its facility in suburban Willowbrook could cause cancer.

Woman blames cancer, fertility issues on gas allegedly emitted by Sterigenics facility

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 16, 2018

A woman who resided near the Sterigenics facility in Willowbrook during her childhood alleges a gas emitted by the facility caused her cancer.

Judge grounds workers' class action vs Southwest over fingerprint scans, says subject to union talks

By Scott Holland | Aug 29, 2018

A federal judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit accusing Southwest Airlines of violating employees’ privacy rights, saying the dispute instead should be subject to union negotiations.

Man struck by vehicle while walking dog sues Amazon for negligence

By Louie Torres | Mar 23, 2018

A man is suing Amazon.com Services Inc. and an unidentified Amazon delivery driver for alleged negligence.

New worker fingerprint class actions now target Southwest, American airlines, Hilton, Wyndham hotels

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 6, 2017

Southwest and American airlines, and hotel and resort operators Hilton and Wyndham, have been added to the large and growing list of employers in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois targeted by class action lawsuits accusing them of not securing their workers’ written authorization before scanning their fingerprints into their company databases to more accurately log and track their employees’ work hours.

Judge balks at big poultry producers' attempt to crack chicken price fixing antitrust class action

By Scott Holland | Nov 22, 2017

A federal judge will allow one of the country’s leading food service distributors and a group of others balking at the high price of chicken to continue to peck away at a federal antitrust action accusing the country’s largest poultry producers of fixing prices for their birds.

Judge chills class action vs Starbucks over amount of ice in cold drinks

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 17, 2016

A Chicago federal judge has dumped a lawsuit against Starbucks over the amount of ice in its iced drinks, saying the reasoning undergirding the class action lawsuit against the purveyor of hot and cold coffee drinks and other beverages was too far over the top.

Antitrust class action: Poultry producers manipulated market, kept chicken prices too high

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 2, 2016

Maplevale Farms, one of the country’s leading food service providers, has brought a federal class action antitrust lawsuit against the country’s top poultry producers, alleging they conspired to hatch a plan to manipulate the supply of chicken to keep the price of the birds artificially high, harvesting bumper profits.

Starbucks asks to blend class actions over hot, cold drinks, transfer cases to Seattle

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 22, 2016

Even as a federal judge in San Francisco has givenplaintiffs a green light to move ahead with a class action lawsuit against Starbucks over the amount of coffee in its lattes, the international coffee drink purveyor awaits an answer from a federal judicial panel on its request to blend that class action with others concerning how full Starbucks fills its cups, and transfer all the percolating litigation to courtrooms in Starbucks’ home city of Seattle.

Judge, Orland Park Library foes end years-long legal spat sparked by library internet porn policies

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 18, 2016

A years-long legal battle involving a group of Orland Park residents, a New Jersey blogger and an Orland Park library employee who each accused those on the other side of spreading lies about them in an attempt to bring the other side to heel in a fight over library policy, has ended in Chicago’s federal courts, after a judge dismissed the library employee’s last attempt at continuing her lawsuit against the blogger.

Starbucks' cold drinks too tall on ice, short on actual beverage, class action says

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 2, 2016

A Chicago woman, steamed over the amount of ice Starbucks put in her iced coffee and other cold drinks, has brought a class action against the global purveyor of coffee beverages, claiming they should be made to pay for perking their profits by subbing in ice for coffee and other tasty drinks.

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