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Special prosecutor for Smollett case could have implications for Chicago's lawsuit vs actor over hoax investigation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 24, 2019

A Cook County judge has ordered a special prosecutor to unravel the perplexities of the Jussie Smollett criminal case. And that could have ramifications for Chicago City Hall's lawsuit against Smollett, to seek recovery of the money the city spent investigating the alleged hoax.

'Exercise in revenue collection:' Appeals judges say Chicago can't hold cars over parking tickets if owners in bankruptcy

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 19, 2019

Finding the city of Chicago’s seizure of people’s cars over unpaid parking tickets amounts to little more than a program to boost the city’s treasury, a federal appeals court has rejected City Hall’s bid to keep a hold on seized vehicles even after bankruptcy judges have ordered the city to return them.

Class action: 'Abandoned' cars towed, impounded in Chicago 'effectively stolen' by city

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 12, 2019

A new class action asserts Chicago City Hall owes millions of dollars in restitution to car owners whose vehicles were illegally towed and impounded, and often later sold for scrap.

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