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State tax inquiry not 'adversarial' enough to thwart lawsuit vs Best Buy over unpaid sales taxes: Appeal panel

Retail chain Best Buy can’t use an Illinois state investigation of its sales practices to sidestep a lawsuit brought by the owners of a Schaumburg Maytag appliance store, ostensibly on behalf of the state, accusing Best Buy, among other retailers, of sales tax fraud by misclassifying certain appliance sales as construction installations, a state appeals panel has ruled.

Self-driving cars, thinking machines will test limits of tort law

Legal Newsline

SEATTLE (Legal Newsline) - Self-driving cars, machines that teach themselves how to operate and home digital assistants that can enter into legally binding contracts are all either on the market now or soon will be. So the next question is: Whom do you sue when they run amok?

Appeals court: College of DuPage wrong to fire scandal-plagued president without chance to contest accusations

Former College of DuPage President Robert L. Breuder can proceed with his wrongful termination and defamation complaint, after a federal appeals court said potentially questionable language within his contract – including a provision requiring a supermajority among the college’s trustees to fire him - did not mean the college’s board was justified in firing him without giving him a hearing to dispute accusations of mismanagement leveled against him.

Contract: Edelson to get 20 percent of Cook Co's take from suit vs Facebook; Facebook requests pause

Facebook has asked a Chicago federal judge to place on hold a lawsuit brought by Cook County and its trial lawyers, who stand to claim 20 percent of whatever the county may receive from the legal action over accusations the social media company improperly allowed data firm Cambridge Analytica to harvest information on about 50 million Facebook users to aid the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Cardio-Care Inc., others allegedly failed to provide proper medical care

A woman is suing Cardio-Care Inc. and Home Therapy Progress Ltd. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Judge again sinks Brunswick's bid to undo $25M deal with lawyer who used jury note to avoid loss at trial

A Chicago federal judge has again turned aside an attempt by boatmaker Brunswick to undo a $25 million personal injury settlement the company says was obtained through fraud, as a federal judge said the company has failed again to lay claim to a protected interest violated by a rival lawyer’s decision to allegedly withhold information about a jury note moments before a verdict would have delivered a win to Brunswick.

California judge's refusal to toss IL privacy suit vs Facebook may have limited implications for similar cases

Facebook won't be able to quickly delete a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating an Illinois privacy law by tagging people in photographs posted by other users on the social media platform. However, the decision may have limited implications for other lawsuits against companies accused of breaking the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, an attorney says.

SC Johnson fails to wipe away class action alleging kids' sunscreen's SPF ratings were false

One of the world’s largest makers of household chemical products, SC Johnson, was unable to persuade a federal judge to wipe away a class action lawsuit, accusing the company of misleading consumers about the SPF rating of its Babyganics mineral sunscreen.

Judge: Class action can continue vs Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, Ironwood, others, over recorded calls

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a class action alleging telemarketers illegally recorded phone conversations among its banking clients’ business customers.

Class action: People finder site's 'reputation scores' violate Illinois publicity rights law

Website, which purports to offer its clients a “reputation score,” is facing a class action accusing it of violating the Illinois Right of Publicity Act.

Class action over probiotic product dismissed vs Jarrow Formulas Inc.

A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Jarrow Formulas Inc. for allegedly violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

Uber: Chicago, Cook County overstep authority in data breach suit; City/County: Uber argument 'tortured'

A Cook County judge could soon weigh in on the question of whether the city of Chicago and Cook County have the power and the right under state law to sue Uber over a 2016 data breach, as Uber has argued they have overstepped their authority under state law.

Judge OKs $30M deal to end class action vs Monster over A/V cable claims; objector to be sanctioned

A Cook County judge has given a preliminary nod to a class action settlement, which could make audio-video cable manufacturer Monster pay around $30 million to buyers of one of its cable products, after determining a man who had filed a separate lawsuit against Monster made misrepresentations while objecting to the proposed settlement.

Cook County hires Edelson, sues Facebook, Cambridge Analytica over use of data in '16 Trump campaign

Months after partnering with a Chicago law firm to file suit against Uber for its handling of customer data, Cook County and the firm of Edelson P.C. now has set their sights on Facebook, alleging the social media giant’s allegedly lax policies allowed data firm Cambridge Analytics to obtain data on about 50 million Facebook users to aid in the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Class action: Hoteliers conspired to manipulate online search ad results, boost room prices

Comparing the practice to a surreptitious deal struck between the world’s biggest beverage bottlers to not trample on the other’s advertising turf, a new class action lawsuit accuses the country’s biggest hoteliers of illegally conspiring to boost room prices by working together to make it harder for consumers to compare prices online.

California judge says GrubHub delivery drivers are contractors, not employees, under the law

A California judge has shed some light on the perils of the "gig economy" by ruling on the case of a former GrubHub delivery driver who the court concluded should be classified as an independent contractor.

Judge: Ex-Aon Bolivia CEO can't sidestep $20M lawsuit over alleged double-dealing

A federal judge has refused to let the former CEO of a South American Aon subsidiary end a $20 million federal lawsuit he faces in Chicago, in which he is accused of funneling company funds.

'Pharmacy deserts' not helped by Chicago city regulations, lack of social responsibility from chains

Shareholders and the public like to hear companies talk the talk of social responsibility, but businesses need to also walk the walk of social responsibility by demonstrating their commitment to their under-served pharmacy customers even in the face of short-term business pressures. We should examine our continuing effort to insure that all communities have ready access to prescription medications and essential pharmaceutical services.

Chicago adds 'Big Three' pharma wholesalers to list of companies being sued over opioid crisis

As class action litigation continues to grow across the U.S. against the pharmaceutical companies that made opioid prescription painkillers, the city of Chicago has also set its sights in court on three companies it blames for distributing the addictive pills here, saying the companies should be made to pay for allegedly not monitoring the flow of the drugs or halting the suspicious activity at pharmacies and elsewhere that allegedly “fueled” the black market for the drugs.

Woman shot in Paris attacks sues Twitter, Facebook, Google over ISIS social media use

An Illinois resident who was shot during terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google, which owns YouTube, saying the companies’ policies allow organizing of and recruiting for such attacks in a manner that violates federal antiterrorism laws.