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Cook suburbs join together to sue opioid makers; doctors added as defendants to keep case out of federal court

Ten Cook County suburbs have sued opioid makers in connection with what they allege is widespread drug abuse and overdoses from so-called opioid prescription painkillers. And in a bid to ensure their lawsuit doesn’t get shipped off to a Cleveland federal court to be consolidated with the bulk of the opioid litigation pending in U.S. courts, the plaintiffs have also tacked on as defendants three doctors they accused of operating a “pill mill.”

One Inc. accused of sending unsolicited text messages through After School app, in reprise of dismissed suit

A man has again filed a class action lawsuit against One Inc. for allegedly violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Lawyers: Defendants trying to undermine $56M-75M cruise line telemarketing calls settlement

Attorneys who bagged millions of dollars in fees from a $56-$75 million class action settlement in Chicago federal court against a cruise line and others accused of making illegal telemarketing calls, are alleging the defendants are trying now to sabotage the settlement by using bogus grounds to challenge 45,000 of 58,000 claims submitted.

Facebook: Cook County data mining lawsuit designed to benefit only county government, its hired lawyers

Saying only the county and its hired trial lawyers would stand to benefit from any settlement or judgment, Facebook has pushed back against the Cook County State’s Attorney’s attempt to send back to more friendly legal turf the pending legal fight over how much blame Facebook should shoulder for data mining conducted by another firm, ostensibly to benefit the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Class action suit says drug companies caused opioid crisis, heightened insurance costs

A Chicago class-action lawyer has filed a 97-page lawsuit in Chicago federal court against 13 drug companies and distributors, on behalf of a woman who alleges the companies promoted opioid use, knowing such painkillers were dangerously addictive, jacking up people's health insurance costs.

DeVry University hit with another suit alleging it distorts graduate job placement stats to attract students

A DeVry University graduate has filed a putative class action in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging the nationwide electronics and business school has exaggerated the employment rates of graduates, so as to lure new students. The complaint is similar to a lawsuit from a different plaintiff and legal team now pending in federal court on the same claims.

Verdict much lower, but AbbVie wants $3.2M award tossed in second testosterone class action test trial

North Chicago-based drugmaker AbbVie is resisting what it is calling a jury's “confused and inconsistent” $3.2 million verdict, after the company lost a second trial in Chicago federal court – one in which it was ordered to pay $147 million less than the first trial – over a man’s claims AbbVie allegedly failed to warn its product AndroGel could bring on a heart attack.

Judge pulls batteries on second attempt at suing toy company VTech over data breach

A group of plaintiffs suing toy maker VTech over a 2015 data breach faced another setback when a Chicago federal judge again dismissed their would-be class action lawsuit.

Cook County says suit vs Facebook on behalf of entire state of IL, so suit belongs in Cook courts

Cook County wants its lawsuit accusing Facebook of allowing user data to be mined by data firm Cambridge Analytica to aid President Donald Trump's election campaign, returned to Cook County court from federal court, where Facebook transferred it, arguing state court is the proper venue, because the suit is not just on behalf of the county, but everyone in Illinois.

Contract: Edelson to get 20 percent of Cook Co's take from suit vs Facebook; Facebook requests pause

Facebook has asked a Chicago federal judge to place on hold a lawsuit brought by Cook County and its trial lawyers, who stand to claim 20 percent of whatever the county may receive from the legal action over accusations the social media company improperly allowed data firm Cambridge Analytica to harvest information on about 50 million Facebook users to aid the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Jury awards $3.5M to woman who claimed loan servicer mishandled mortgage during, after Chapt 13 bankruptcy

A federal jury awarded more than $3.5 million to a Franklin Park woman as a result of her lawsuit against a mortgage loan servicer over the handling of the default on her home.

Uber: Chicago, Cook County overstep authority in data breach suit; City/County: Uber argument 'tortured'

A Cook County judge could soon weigh in on the question of whether the city of Chicago and Cook County have the power and the right under state law to sue Uber over a 2016 data breach, as Uber has argued they have overstepped their authority under state law.

Jury in second trial: Abbvie owes $3.2M to man who claims Androgel caused heart attack

About three months after a federal judge threw out a jury’s $150 million verdict and ordered a new trial in the case, a new jury in Chicago has ordered drugmaker Abbvie to pay about $3.2 million to a man who claimed Abbvie’s drug Androgel had caused him to suffer a heart attack.

Cook County hires Edelson, sues Facebook, Cambridge Analytica over use of data in '16 Trump campaign

Months after partnering with a Chicago law firm to file suit against Uber for its handling of customer data, Cook County and the firm of Edelson P.C. now has set their sights on Facebook, alleging the social media giant’s allegedly lax policies allowed data firm Cambridge Analytics to obtain data on about 50 million Facebook users to aid in the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Ulta Beauty Inc. accused of selling old, used products to consumers

A woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Ulta Beauty Inc. for alleged breach of contract and deceptive marketing.

Harrowing bus ride involved high passenger making threats, driver who refused to stop, even for cops: Lawsuit

A man is suing Greyhound Line Inc. and Firstgroup America Inc. after he and other passengers on an allegedly harrowing bus trip from Milwaukee to Chicago were threatened by a man, high on drugs, who claimed to have a gun, and then were trapped in the bus, as the driver allegedly refused to pull over, even during a police chase that ended only when the bus was disabled by running over two sets of spike strips.

Class action: Aurora volleyball program owes millions for not stopping alleged sexually abusive coach

An Aurora-based club volleyball program headed by prominent coach Rick Butler, who has been accused of years of sexual abuse, threats and intimidation against his players, is the target of a multimillion-dollar federal class action complaint alleging the club failed to protect its athletes.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, others accused of breach of contract

A man and an unidentified woman are demanding several people and companies pay them $20 million for alleged breach of contract and alleged violations of several state laws, including the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act and the Illinois Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Allstate, employee accused in death of Northbrook woman struck while loading package into car

A woman is suing Katrin Keyworth and the Allstate Corporation for a fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of a woman who was loading a package into the trunk of her car on the side of the road in Northbrook on Dec. 22, 2017.

Court asked to OK $36M deal to end tortured Pella defective window class action; attorneys to get $9M

About three and a half years after a federal appeals panel led by former Judge Richard Posner smashed a $90 million settlement agreement the judges described as “scandalous,” a new set of lawyers have introduced a new, smaller deal once again intended to a nearly 12-year old class action lawsuit against window and door maker Pella over allegedly defective windows.