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Pace-O-Matic Inc., others accused of interfering with contractual agreement

A company is suing Pace-O-Matic Inc., Pier Holdings LLC, Cory Aronovitz, Casino Law Group, Dwayne Waxer and Daniel Warren for alleged breach of fiduciary duty, intentional interference and fraud.

Machinery and Conveyor Services Inc., others allegedly failed to provide safe conveyor system

A man is suing Machinery and Conveyor Services Inc., Vanderlande Industries and United Parcel Service Co. for alleged product liability and negligence.

Home Depot, others accused of defamation

A woman is suing the Home Depot, and three individuals for alleged defamation.

Class action: Hoteliers conspired to manipulate online search ad results, boost room prices

Comparing the practice to a surreptitious deal struck between the world’s biggest beverage bottlers to not trample on the other’s advertising turf, a new class action lawsuit accuses the country’s biggest hoteliers of illegally conspiring to boost room prices by working together to make it harder for consumers to compare prices online.

Judge saws off class action vs Home Depot over size of 4x4s, other lumber

A federal judge has cut short a federal class action complaint accusing Home Depot of selling undersized lumber.

Judge: Ex-Aon Bolivia CEO can't sidestep $20M lawsuit over alleged double-dealing

A federal judge has refused to let the former CEO of a South American Aon subsidiary end a $20 million federal lawsuit he faces in Chicago, in which he is accused of funneling company funds.

Georgia will soon decide controversial 'lawsuit lending' topic

Legal Newsline

DUBLIN, Ga. (Legal Newsline) – Questions over the future of litigation funding remain in Georgia as the state Supreme Court prepares to decide the issue and another case continues to move through a federal court in the state.

United Auto Defense LLC allegedly failed to pay for services it was provided

A company is suing United Auto Defense LLC and Gary D. Primm Jr. for alleged breach of contract.

UL wins permanent injunction barring gas canister company from selling products bearing its mark

After a Chicago federal judge refused a gas canister seller's attempt to dismiss a lawsuit brought by UL, alleging the canister company wrongly sold products implying UL had certified the products, the parties have agreed to end the lawsuit with a permanent injunction barring the cannister company from ever using UL's mark.

Pending legislation in Congress could address ADA 'drive-by' lawsuits, but business lawyers not optimistic

In recent years, businesses of all sizes have been hit with spurts of lawsuits brought by lawyers seeking out often relatively small violations under disability access guidelines. And while businesses have asked lawmakers to change the rules under which such lawsuits - commonly known to many as "drive-by" suits - a Chicago lawyer is not holding out much hope of any action from Congress anytime soon.

Illinois A/G, FTC announce $7M settlement, ban 'phantom' debt collectors

A recent settlement involving the Federal Trade Commission and the Illinois Attorney General's Office against Chicago-based "phantom" debt collectors could bring in several million dollars.

Class action: Floor and Decor sells tiles that don't measure up; mimics lumber suits vs Home Depot, Menards

In the wake of attempted class action lawsuits aimed at Home Depot and Menards over the size of lumber pieces they sell, Floor and Decor has become the latest class action target, as a new lawsuit claims they sell ceramic and glass tiles that allegedly don’t quite measure up to the dimensions listed on the tag and packaging.

Who left the pallet jack in the aisle? Judge says enough evidence exists to let suit continue vs Home Depot

A federal judge has rejected Home Depot's attempt to dismiss a personal injury and liability complaint against the retailer and a vendor brought by a woman who claimed she was hurt when she fell over a pallet jack in the home improvement chain's Joliet store.

SCOTUS expected to toss rules forcing non-union workers to pay fees; big political impacts possible

Sweeping changes in how unions collect dues and fees can be expected soon, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case against Illinois' largest public sector employee union, two labor attorneys said during a recent interview. And such a decision also could have significant ramifications for the nation's politics.

Judge cuts short class action vs Menards over lumber sizes; could impact similar suit vs Home Depot

A Chicago federal judge has sawed off a class action aimed at one of the Chicago area’s largest big box home improvement chains, saying Menards didn’t unjustly save big money by selling 4x4s and other pieces of lumber that don’t measure up their names.

Home Depot U.S.A. Inc., others accused of negligence after drain cleaning device severs finger

A man is suing The Home Depot and its store in Homewood, and Electric Eel Manufacturing Company Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Home Depot accused of wrongful termination

A man is suing the Home Depot for allegedly violating the Family and Medical Leave Act and for alleged wrongful termination.

Willowbrook woman assaulted, stabbed by home invader sues Kwikset, Home Depot over failed lock

A woman attacked in her Willowbrook home in 2015 is trying to hold responsible the companies that made and sold the lock on the door the assailant broke through to gain entry.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reaches $2 million settlement with UPS in disability discrimination suit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has brokered a $2 million settlement with UPS stemming from a 2009 suit in which the shipping giant was accused of regularly discriminating against workers with disabilities.

Judge breaks down cardboard antitrust action, says prices were raised, but no evidence of scheme

A Chicago federal judge has boxed up a class action antitrust suit against two containerboard companies, which alleged the companies conspired to fix prices, saying plaintiffs may have raised prices and cut production, but defendants failed to show the acts were part of a scheme and not simply reactions to the market.