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Class action vs Chicago over distracted driving tickets OK to continue; City: Not really a moving violation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 12, 2019

A Cook County judge, for now, has allowed a class action lawsuit to proceed against the city of Chicago, brought by a group of people who claimed the city wrongly prosecuted tens of thousands of distracted driving tickets.

Goodyear, General Motors sued by driver whose car overturned

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 29, 2018

A driver whose vehicle overturned after one of his tires failed, causing permanent injury, is suing Goodyear and General Motors for allegedly selling unreasonably dangerous products.

Consumer, injured in 2016 Joliet crash, alleges airbags failed to deploy in GM SUV

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Aug 21, 2018

A motorist is suing General Motors, claiming her vehicle's airbags failed to deploy in a 2016 accident.

Judge again tosses Napleton Auto Group's RICO claims vs Fiat Chrysler over dealer incentive plan

By Scott Holland | Jul 13, 2018

A federal judge in Chicago has curbed racketeering claims brought by the Napleton car dealership group, as the judge said the dealers still hadn’t presented enough evidence to back its claims accusing Fiat Chrysler of using a sales program to lean on dealers who refused to go along with an alleged scheme to falsify sales figures.

Suburban Cook County Sarpino's Pizza franchisee accused of routinely underpaying delivery drivers, other workers

By DM Herra | May 24, 2018

Former employees of a suburban pizza chain filed a class action lawsuit claiming the business underpaid employees thousands of dollars by paying less than minimum wage, not paying overtime and not providing mileage reimbursements to delivery drivers.

First Mercury Insurance doesn't have to cover private investigator accused of helping frame man for murder

By Dan Churney | May 14, 2018

A Chicago appeals panel has ruled an insurance company doesn't have to pay to defend a private investigator associated with Northwestern University’s Innocence Project in a lawsuit brought by Alstory Simon, who claimed the investigator forced him to falsely admit he killed two teenagers in 1982.

Fair Maps Amendment not called for vote, deadline passes to place it on November 2018 ballot

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 7, 2018

Illinois voters will not get a chance to weigh in on the question of whether Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and other legislative leaders in the Democratic-controlled Illinois General Assembly should continue to hold the keys to drawing the state's legislative district maps, after the leaders of the state House and Senate refused to call a vote for a constitutional amendment designed to curtail their influence over the process.

Judge: UBS can't use arbitration clause to sidestep class action by fired employees over bonus payments

By Robert Davis | Apr 12, 2018

A federal judge has denied an attempt by UBS to sidestep a class action suit accusing the company of terminating employees to avoid paying their bonuses.

Illinois ethics panel fines ex-Bensenville trustee for using state job to snoop political rival's driver's records

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 10, 2018

A state ethics panel has ordered a former village trustee and one-time candidate for mayor of Bensenville to pay a fine for allegedly using his job in the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to snoop on the driving records of a political opponent.

Woman shot in Paris attacks sues Twitter, Facebook, Google over ISIS social media use

By Scott Holland | Mar 6, 2018

An Illinois resident who was shot during terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google, which owns YouTube, saying the companies’ policies allow organizing of and recruiting for such attacks in a manner that violates federal antiterrorism laws.

'Public should control process:' Anti-gerrymandering amendment filed in Springfield

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 26, 2018

As Illinois courts have repeatedly slapped aside attempts by Illinois voters to wrest control of drawing new legislative district maps from which ever partisans control the Illinois General Assembly, the coalition behind many of those past efforts to place referenda on the Illinois ballot to change the state constitution are now backing a new amendment to combat partisan gerrymandering, with the fight this time beginning in the state legislature.

Judge cites SCOTUS' Bristol-Myers decision to gut class action over Body Fortress dietary supplement

By Dan Churney | Jan 23, 2018

A Chicago federal judge has relied on the U.S. Supreme Court's recent Bristol Myers Squibb decision to gut a suit against the makers of a dietary supplement, who allegedly made bogus claims about its effectiveness, saying non-Illinois claimants can't participate in a suit in Illinois.

Pressure from Trump, litigation losses aren't stopping EEOC case against Dollar General

By Karen Kidd | Jan 4, 2018

Despite efforts by the Trump administration to pull the reins on many of the recent priorities at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and amid a string of litigation losses, the federal anti-discrimination agency is holding course in pressing its years-long case against Dollar General. But what exactly that signals remains to be seen, according to employment attorney Rod Fliegel, who co-chairs the privacy and background checks practice at the firm of Littler Mendelson.

Ex-drivers for Vehi-Ship file putative class action suit claiming FLSA violations

By Karen Kidd | Nov 24, 2017

Two former employees of a Texas-based vehicle transportation company recently filed a putative class-action suit against the company claiming they and other employees were not paid for all hours worked and all overtime hours.

Judge balks at big poultry producers' attempt to crack chicken price fixing antitrust class action

By Scott Holland | Nov 22, 2017

A federal judge will allow one of the country’s leading food service distributors and a group of others balking at the high price of chicken to continue to peck away at a federal antitrust action accusing the country’s largest poultry producers of fixing prices for their birds.

Judge: Chicago courts wrong place to try patent dispute over medical billing software

By Scott Holland | Nov 10, 2017

Invoking a recent Supreme Court decision addressing some of the litigation behaviors of so-called “patent trolls,” a federal judge in Chicago has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit, saying plaintiffs’ assertions some people employed by a company accused of infringing a patent work from home in Illinois isn’t enough for him to allow the case to be tried in Chicago.

Divided appeals court says Lake County wrong to deny permit for homeless shelter in public building

By Elizabeth Alt | Nov 2, 2017

A charity seeking to operate a new residence facility in Lake County for the chronically homeless have secured a win in their tussle with county officials over the project, after a divided state appellate panel sided with a trial court's decision to reverse a county board's decision to deny the Lake County PADS group's application to open a new site for its Safe Haven program in a vacant government building.

GM needs to pay for Corvette Z06 models that overheat on the race track, class action says

By Scott Holland | Oct 31, 2017

A group of Corvette Z06 owners who like their hot wheels say General Motors is the reason they – and their big ticket rides - can’t stay cool while driving.

Trinity Health Corporation, others accused of negligence leading to hip amputation

By Louie Torres | Oct 26, 2017

A couple is suing Trinity Health Corporation, Loyola University Medical Center, Loyola University Health System, doctors Gerard Abbood, Adrian Dobrowolsky, Michael Anstadt, Zachary Bastian, Cynthia Weber, Richard Gonzalez, and Jacqueline Brosius and two nurses for alleged negligence.

Class action: Meijer's employee fingerprint scans violate IL biometric privacy law

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 16, 2017

Meijer, one of the largest retailers in the Chicago area and the Midwest, has become the latest target of a growing wave of class action lawsuits accusing employers of violating an Illinois state law regulating the collection of fingerprints and other “biometric” identifiers.

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