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Pelvic mesh case involving Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson kicked back to Cook County court

The case of an Illinois woman injured during a 2013 surgery that included a pelvic mesh is on its way back to Cook County after a federal judge brushed aside a defendant's contentions the case should not be tried in Illinois.

Advocate Christ Medical Center, others allegedly failed to take safety precautions during medical procedure

A couple is suing Dr. Nancy Church, Advocate Christ Medical Center, Nancy R.G. Church M.D., and Wellness Connections LLC for alleged negligence.

Niles Car Wash, Niles Police accused of humiliation, false arrest amid argument over bug guts left on car

A woman is suing Niles Car Wash, the Niles Police Department and an officer for alleged breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition, emotional distress, attempted false arrest and unjust enrichment.

Drugmaker Auxilium wins at jury in its first bellwether trial over testosterone therapy drug Testim

While their competitor AbbVie seeks to undo jury verdicts worth nearly $290 million over testosterone replacement therapy drugs, drugmaker Auxilium has received a clean bill from a jury in its first court test over claims it and other similar drugmakers should be made to pay for alleged misleading marketing that led men to take the drugs, and suffered heart attacks as a result.

Pizza delivery drivers sue Domino's, say their pay never added up to minimum wage

A former delivery driver is suing operators of Domino’s Pizza restaurants saying she and her peers were underpaid because the company improperly deducted tips, underpaid for driving and did not offer reimbursement for vehicle expenses.

Judge: No proof Columbia College would've handled male student's sex assault case any different if female

A federal judge has dismissed the complaint an anonymous male student lodged against Columbia College of Chicago regarding accusations of sexual assault, saying the male student couldn’t demonstrate female students accused of sexual assault would be treated any better.

Judge: Testosterone replacement drug bellwether OK to proceed vs Testim maker Auxilium

After two federal juries delivered $140 million verdicts against AbbVie, competing drugmaker Auxilium will be headed to trial over claims its testosterone replacement therapy drug Testim caused heart attacks in men who took the drug to treat “off-label” conditions, spurred by what plaintiffs alleged was misleading marketing from drugmakers.

Male student OK'd to continue discrimination lawsuit vs U of Chicago over sex assault accusations

For now, a Chicago federal judge has permitted a onetime student's suit to proceed against the University of Chicago, saying, while the student must furnish a more full explanation, he has squeaked out a plausible case a school official encouraged retaliation against him for complaining about sexual assault allegations.

Ford Motor Company, others accused of including asbestos in their products

A family is suing several companies over a relative's exposure to asbestos.

Home Depot U.S.A. Inc., others accused of negligence after drain cleaning device severs finger

A man is suing The Home Depot and its store in Homewood, and Electric Eel Manufacturing Company Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Ex-Wrigley gum plant workers sue flavorings makers for diacetyl exposure, resulting lung diseases

A group of former workers at a former chewing gum factory on Chicago’s South Side have brought a wad of lawsuits against 15 companies they claim should be made to pay for allegedly including lung-disease causing chemical compounds in the flavorings with which they worked every day for years.

CTX Transport Inc. accused of delivering shipping load in damaged conditions

A company is suing CTX Transport Inc. for alleged breach of contract.

Speedway, Lettuce Entertain You tagged with class actions under IL biometric privacy law

The Speedway chain of gas stations and convenience stores and the Lettuce Entertain You group of restaurants have become the latest businesses to get tagged with class action lawsuits under Illinois’ biometric privacy law.

Judges: Asbestos plaintiff not harmed by ruling barring testimony from doctor over exposure theories

A federal appeals court in Chicago has refused to upend a jury’s verdict against a retired pipefitter, who had claimed Owens-Illinois and ExxonMobil should be held liable for his lung cancer because possible exposure to asbestos on work sites decades ago, and not a 30-year, pack-and-a-half-a-day cigarette smoking habit, had caused the illness.

Appeals court shears class action vs Regency beauty school, says students not employees under FLSA

A Chicago federal appellate court has scalped a class-action lawsuit filed by a onetime student of a nationwide beauty school, which alleged student cosmetologists should be paid for on-the-job training, as the hands-on work experience serves as compensation and is required for licensing.

Riddell Inc., others accused of not warning athletes helmets won't protect from concussions

A former professional football player is suing Riddell and other sports equipment makers, saying they didn't do enough to warn athletes their helmets wouldn't protect them from concussions.

Macy's Retail Holdings Inc. accused of making false statements against woman, costing her a job

A woman is suing Macy's, claiming she lost her job when store employees allegedly falsely accused her of shoplifting.

Lawyer recommends employers work with experts after class-action suit against Kroger subsidiary over biometric data

As they face a growing number of class action lawsuits from workers accusing them of improperly collecting and storing their fingerprints and other biometric data, employers should not ignore the litigation threat arising from a growing number of state laws protecting biometric privacy.

Gold Medal Products says former employee took food secrets to competitor

An Ohio business is suing Bell Flavors and Fragrances Inc. and William Todd Sunderhaus, plaintiff's former employee, alleging breach of contract.

Dish Network hit with $283M penalty for third-party telemarketing practices

A Springfield federal judge has placed Dish Network on the hook for a fine of more than $280 million for alleged violations of federal telemarketing law, even though the violations were committed by third-party contractors. And other companies should take note of the judge's ruling, said a lawyer who specializes in defenses against similar legal actions.