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Affiliated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Ltd. allegedly failed to fully pay for equipment

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Apr 26, 2018

A lender is suing Affiliated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Ltd. and Stuart Dessner for alleged breach of contract.

Brew Dr. Kombucha LLC allegedly misrepresented amount of probiotic bacteria in product

By Louie Torres | Mar 29, 2018

A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Brew Dr. Kombucha LLC for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, unjust enrichment and breach of express warranty.

Bank of America, others prevail in class-action suit over consumer privacy

By Elizabeth Alt | Oct 12, 2017

A federal judge in Illinois has ruled that Bank of America and other banks were not in violation of consumer privacy acts and dismissed a class-action suit accusing the bank of improperly distributing the confidential information of homeowners who had borrowed mortgage loans.

Fun Time Square, Automated Batting Cages Inc. allegedly failed to prevent man from being hit by ball in batting cage

By Louie Torres | Sep 22, 2017

A man is suing Fun Time Square and Automated Batting Cages Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Class action complaint launched in Chicago federal court vs Equifax over data breach

By Scott Holland | Sep 8, 2017

One day after it announced a data breach potentially affecting 143 million Americans, Equifax has found itself on the other end of a federal class action complaint in Chicago.

Cook County judge indicted over mortgage fraud scheme

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 12, 2017

Cook County Judge Jessica Arong O'Brien has been indicted for her alleged role in a mortgage fraud scheme, which took place a few years before she was elected to the Cook County bench.

Judge: Banks not on hook to shield businesses from employees who use app to double-deposit checks

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 9, 2016

A Lakeview hotel business will not be allowed to press its class action claim JP Morgan Chase should be held responsible for fraud perpetrated by people using Chase’s mobile banking app to double-deposit checks, creating legal and financial headaches for those issuing the checks.

Nine IL lawyers disbarred, 12 others suspended by State Supreme Court

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 20, 2016

Nine lawyers – including one convicted of sexually assaulting a young woman in her hotel room, and a former downstate prosecutor who allegedly tampered with official state’s attorneys computer files after learning he wouldn’t be promoted to the top prosecutor job in his county – have been disbarred by the Illinois Supreme Court. The state’s high court also suspended an additional dozen other attorneys for a range of alleged violations.

Interest rate swaps class action vs big banks could draw in 'tens of thousands' of public bodies with billions at stake

By Scott Holland | Feb 19, 2016

Two Mississippi and Alabama hospitals and the county that includes the cities of Biloxi and Gulfport, Miss., have squared off in Chicago federal court with many of the country’s biggest financial institutions over so-called interest rate swaps — an issue now impacting governments and other public bodies throughout the country, including Chicago’s public schools system.

Lakeview hotel operators bring class action over mobile banking app allowing checks to be cashed twice

By Scott Holland | Dec 15, 2015

Potential loopholes in a mobile banking application which could allow depositors to cash the bank notes more than once have prompted a Lakeview hotel business to bring a class action against JP Morgan Chase. Plaintiff 1409 West Diversey Corp., which does business as the Bellwood Hotel, filed its putative class action against JP Morgan Chase in Cook County Circuit Court Dec. 9, claiming its mobile check capture service allows bank customers to deposit checks more than once.

Class action alleges home loan servicer Seterus refused to terminate PMI on modified loans, violating laws, loan terms

By Dan Churney | Oct 26, 2015

A Romeoville man is in U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois, alleging a home loan servicing company is sticking him and other troubled borrowers with unneeded mortgage insurance because the company gets a cut of the premiums.

IDOT seeks court's OK to acquire, buy private property for U.S. Route 14 project

By Kelly Issacs | Jul 18, 2014

The Illinois Department of Transportation is seeking a court order to acquire property so it can widen and reconstruct U.S. Route 14 at Wilke Road in Cook County.

Woman sues JP Morgan, claims she was injured by Chicago ATM

By Annie Cosby | Jun 11, 2014

A bank and corporation that handles consumer transaction technologies are facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims she was injured by the cash dispenser of an ATM.

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