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Federal appeals court: PF Chang's can be sued over potential ID theft from data breach

A Chicago federal appeals panel has given the P.F. Chang’s restaurant chain a case of legal indigestion, by reversing a district court’s dismissal of a class action suit brought by two diners, who claimed they were vulnerable to identity theft, because the chain’s allegedly poor data security allowed hackers to obtain diners’ debit and credit card information.

Couple alleges Loyola Medical Center's negligence led to wife's injuries

CHICAGO — A Maywood couple is suing Loyola University Medical Center, alleging negligence led to the wife's fall and injuries. 

Daughter blames Arlington Heights care facility for mother's injuries

CHICAGO — A daughter is suing an Arlington Heights long-time care facility, alleging its negligence caused her mother to fall and sustain injuries.

Surgery patient accuses health service providers of negligence

CHICAGO — A patient is suing Joliet-based health care providers, alleging negligence caused her to suffer surgical complications. 

Patient blames Arlington Heights hospital, doctor for botched procedure

CHICAGO — A patient is suing an Arlington Heights hospital and doctor, alleging negligence in surgery that led to complications for the plaintiff.  

Class action says Trump campaign sent unsolicited, automated text messages, broke federal law

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging the campaign texted people without permission, and should pay as much as $1,500 for each improper text message sent.

IL State Bar Association to offer free legal info through annual 'Ask A Lawyer Day' April 30

SPRINGFIELD — Volunteer attorneys covering a broad range of practice areas will be available to take questions from anyone with legal questions during a free event on Saturday.

Family blames long-term care facility for relative's death

CHICAGO — An estate executor is suing a La Grange Park long-term care facility, alleging negligence caused a relative's death.

Hospital council asks court to stop IT vendor from wiping patient data when it goes out of business

A council of more than 30 Chicago-area hospitals has sued its IT provider over the tech firm’s plan to destroy patient data from its servers, saying the action would severely impair the council’s ability to operate a patient-data sharing exchange.

Jury awards $22.7 million to family of man who died in 2012 I-294 pileup caused by speeding impaired trucker

A Cook County jury has awarded $22.7 million to a woman whose husband died in 2012 in a multi-car wreck on I-294 in Chicago’s western suburbs, allegedly caused by a man with drugs in his system while behind the wheel of a truck.

Judge awards $458K more to attorneys already paid $1.6 million for class action vs Southwest over flight drink vouchers

After beating back an appeal of the settlement agreement that granted them more than $1.6 million in fees, the attorneys who represented a group of people who brought a class action against Southwest Airlines for refusing to honor drink vouchers will not get all the additional fees they requested for their work on the appeal.

Physician accuses Cook County hospital systems of retaliatory discharge

CHICAGO — A DuPage County physician is suing the Cook County health system, alleging breach of contract, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Patient blames Chicago long-term care facility for health woes

CHICAGO — A patient is suing a Chicago long-term health care facility, alleging its negligence caused him health troubles. 

Condo owner blames fitness center, real estate developer for unwanted noise

CHICAGO — A Chicago condo unit owner is suing a fitness center and real estate developer, alleging they failed to stop unwanted noise that caused the plaintiff to lose sleep.

Family blames nursing care facility for relative's death

CHICAGO — An estate administrator is suing health care providers, alleging negligence led to a relative's death.

Physician accuses former associates of unlawful access

CHICAGO — A Cook County physician is suing health care providers, alleging invasion of privacy in accessing her medical records without authorization.

Mother accuses medical professionals of negligence

CHICAGO — A mother is suing Northwestern Memorial Hospital and other health professionals, alleging negligence in the treatment of her son. 

Family accuses St. Bernard Hospital of negligence in relative's death

CHICAGO — An estate administrator is suing Chicago health care providers, alleging negligence in the death of a relative.

Illinois Supreme Court to hear arguments at Benedictine University in Lisle in May

SPRINGFIELD–Citizens in the DuPage County area will get a rare public opportunity to see the Illinois Supreme Court in action as it will hear oral arguments in one civil case and one criminal case on the campus of Benedictine University in Lisle. The event, scheduled for May 19, is the first time in two years that the Court has heard oral arguments outside of Springfield or Chicago and this program will mark the first time that it will have heard arguments at an educational institution.

Chicago GOP wrongly reelected local party chairman, says local doctor, would-be congressional candidate

Local Republican infighting returned to Cook County Circuit Court this week, as a would-be congressional candidate has asked a judge to intervene in how the local GOP slates candidates and picks its chairman.