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Business owner accuses former employer of assault

CHICAGO — A Cook County man says his former employer assaulted him, allegedly in retaliation for starting a competitor trucking business.

Judge poised to OK $10 million deal ending asst managers' class actions vs Dick's Sporting Goods; attorneys to get one third

A federal judge in Boston has signaled he will sign off on a $10 million settlement agreement to end class action lawsuits against Dick’s Sporting Goods, including one brought in Chicago federal court, alleging the retailer cheated employees out of overtime pay by labeling them assistant managers. Attorneys for the plaintiffs are poised to receive one-third of the settlement amount.

Former UIC Greek studies professor says colleagues torpedoed tenure application, demands $4 million

A fight over the future of Greek studies instruction at the University of Illinois at Chicago has spilled into a local courtroom, where a professor who was denied tenure and lost his position at the university has alleged three of his former colleagues owe him at least $4 million for allegedly sabotaging his tenure application in a bid to redirect donor money to them and save their own jobs.

Husband blames Loyola University Health System for wife’s death by aneurysm

CHICAGO—A Cook County man claims his wife died as a result of a misdiagnosed brain aneurysm.

Walgreens shopper accuses store of negligence over slippery sidewalk

CHICAGO — A Cook County woman says she suffered injuries from slipping on a snowy sidewalk at a Chicago Walgreens store, allegedly due to the store’s failure to clear the walkway for customer safety.

Couple accuse remodelers of shoddy work

CHICAGO — A Cook County couple say the firm they hired to remodel their home left numerous defects in materials and workmanship, leaving the home uninhabitable.

Joe Caputo's suburban supermarkets placed under control of wholesaler Marano to satisfy $3.6 million debt

A Chicago federal judge has signed off on an order granting Chicago-based produce wholesaler operational control of a chain of suburban supermarkets, including the immediate closure of the chain’s Elk Grove store, as the food supplier sues to collect $3.6 million owed by Joe Caputo and Sons supermarkets for fruits, vegetables and other foods the grocer has received but never paid for.

Daughter brings wrongful death suit against nursing home

CHICAGO — A Cook County woman says workers at Alden-North Shore nursing home neglected her mother’s supervision, allowing her to fall and break her hip.

Jackie Robinson West parents sue Little League, ESPN, say wrongly accused them of cheating to win 2014 title

Parents of players on a controversy-plagued Chicago Little League baseball team are striking back against organized baseball and national media outlets the parents say wrongly accused them and their children of cheating to win the U.S. Little League crown.

Truck driver alleges negligence against Goodyear following accident

CHICAGO—A Wisconsin truck driver is suing a property owner, property manager, tenant and contractor over injuries he allegedly sustained on the defendants' premises.

Cook County couple sues owners of over alleged defamation

CHICAGO — A Cook County husband and wife are suing the owners of an online forum after someone posted allegedly defamatory statements about the couple on the website.

Brawl over bargaining bill resumes in Springfield; with no AFSCME contract, stakes are high

SPRINGFIELD — The hotly disputed interest arbitration or “no strike-no lockout” bill is back in play in the state Capitol.

Intricacies of Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance sparking rash of lawsuits over technical violations

A rash of lawsuits against landlords under the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance has led to questions over whether the ordinance, which governs relations between apartment dwellers and their landlords in the city of Chicago, may need reform.

Woman alleges wrongful death in suit against physician

CHICAGO — A woman is suing an Illinois osteopathologist over the alleged wrongful death of her husband.

Woman alleges premises liability against Walgreens

CHICAGO — A woman is suing Walgreens over injuries she allegedly sustained at one of its Chicago stores.

Judge tosses false claims class action vs makers of 'wonder drug' supplement Anatabloc

A class action lawsuit targeting the maker of a “wonder drug” nutritional supplement has been shelved after a federal judge tossed the complaint of two men who claimed they had been misled by the supplement makers’ claims regarding the product’s effectiveness at treating arthritis and other inflammation.

Suit against hospital, surgeon alleges negligence

CHICAGO — A woman is suing an Illinois medical center and an orthopedic surgeon over claims of negligence in a knee surgery that was performed on her.

Dentists sued in aftermath of root canal

CHICAGO — A Cook County woman has sued two Des Plaines dentists over allegations of medical malpractice, fraudulent concealment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Malibu Media loses porn piracy case vs Doe after no downloaded materials found on Doe's computer

A Chicago federal magistrate judge laid low a lawsuit by Malibu Media - a litigious online skin flick distributor - which alleged an internet pirate infringed its copyright by downloading two dozen movies without permission, saying Malibu failed to present computer forensics evidence backing its claim.

Lung patient claims negligence in surgery case

CHICAGO — A Cook County man says alleged negligence on the part of the independent contractors hired to perform his lung surgery caused him to suffer severe injuries.