News from January 2016

Pedestrian alleges Presence Mercy liable for injuries from icy sidewalk

By Robert Hadley | Jan 15, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman says she slipped and fell on an uncleared icy patch as she attempted to enter the emergency room of a local hospital.

97-year-old man's injuries trigger lawsuit against Atrium Health

By Robert Hadley | Jan 15, 2016

CHICAGO – The daughter of a 97-year-old man is suing a nursing care facility claiming its negligence caused injuries to her now-deceased father.

Judge clears lawsuit alleging Chicago cops urged lenders to repossess impounded cars

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 15, 2016

A group of people who claimed the city of Chicago seized their cars, refused to give them back even after it should have, and even pressured their lenders to repossess the automobiles, has received a green light to pull ahead with a class action against the city over its vehicle impound policies.

Dispute over who should develop Pullman Park property headed to appellate court

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 15, 2016

A dispute over who should get to develop a piece of land just off the Bishop Ford Freeway (Interstate 94) on Chicago’s South Side appears ticketed for state appellate court, after a Cook County judge rejected a lawsuit brought by a veteran of the Chicago real estate development sector against an organization which bills itself as dedicated to encouraging economic development in Chicago’s low income areas.

FAA: Privately owned drone aircraft must be registered before they are flown

By Emma Gallimore | Jan 16, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring that privately owned drone aircraft weighing up to 55 pounds be registered before they are flown.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions accuses homonymous company of holding its name for ransom

By Scott Holland | Jan 16, 2016

They’ve got the same name, but one Reverse Mortgage Solutions is the plaintiff and the other, a defendant in a federal trademark lawsuit, accused of swooping in to claim the corporate name and hold it for ransom. And the original Reverse Mortgage Solutions has won a preliminary injunction against its homonymous rival.

Patient accuses Northshore Amulatory care, surgeon of malpractice

By Robert Hadley | Jan 18, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman says a surgeon’s alleged negligence during an operation left her with lasting complications.

Dolton recall ordinance struck down, appeals panel says must first be OK'd by voters

By Scott Holland | Jan 18, 2016

A trio of Dolton village trustees scored a victory in their dispute with the mayor and clerk over the legality of the town’s recall ordinance, as an appeals panel found the Illinois state constitution requires municipalities, like Dolton, must first secure the approval of voters at referendum for such recall powers.

Tenant accuses landlord of providing unsafe stairwell

By Robert Hadley | Jan 18, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman is suing her landlord in a dispute surrounding injuries she allegedly sustained on the property.

Class action status stripped from lawsuit alleging wage-hour missteps vs firm providing workers to Caterpillar

By Dan Churney | Jan 19, 2016

A Chicago federal judge has stripped the class action status from a lawsuit that alleged a Caterpillar contractor rooked Joliet workers out of overtime pay, with the judge describing the claims of 94 plaintiffs as too individualized to pursue as a whole.

Apartment dweller accuses Pangea Ventures of property neglect

By Robert Hadley | Jan 19, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman is suing her landlord, Pangea Ventures LLC, claiming the bedroom ceiling’s collapse caused her permanent injury.

Northwestern Memorial accused of failing to properly sedate surgical patient

By Robert Hadley | Jan 19, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman says she was improperly sedated during surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, causing her to suffer injuries during the procedure.

Worker accuses Grecian Delight of negligence in injury case

By Robert Hadley | Jan 19, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County man working for a recycling firm says he was injured after Grecian Delight allegedly failed to repair a hazardous stairway, despite his previous warnings about a defective step.

Man bounced by security accuses strip club of battery

By Robert Hadley | Jan 19, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County man says bouncers at the Red Diamond Strip Club assaulted him after he left a birthday celebration with friends.

Franchise developer accuses Tilted Kilt of mismanagement, 'scheme,' calls for receivership

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 19, 2016

After the owners of the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery restaurant brand accused them of misleading potential franchise operators into expecting big paydays, the company Tilted Kilt has used to develop franchise restaurant locations in and around Chicago has returned legal fire, accusing Tilted Kilt of mismanaging its franchise system, undercutting its franchisees and developers at many turns, and scheming to cut the franchise development company loose years before its deal is up.

Oak Park woman says disability accommodation laws require association to let her rent her condo

By Scott Holland | Jan 19, 2016

A 94-year-old Oak Park woman has asked a federal judge to order the association that manages her condominium building to allow her to rent her condo temporarily to allow her to use the rental income to offset her medical expenses, saying association rules forbidding her from renting the condo until it has been listed for sale for a year stands as a violation of her rights to a “reasonable accommodation” under federal fair housing and disability laws.

IL Supreme Court to decide if Chicago can slap use tax on cars rented just outside city limits

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 20, 2016

The Illinois Supreme Court will decide whether the city of Chicago needs to garage its controversial tax on cars rented from businesses located outside the city, but within three miles of Chicago city limits. On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the state high court announced it would hear arguments in the lawsuit brought against City Hall by auto rental companies Hertz and Enterprise, who challenged the tax as an illegal extension of the city’s authority.

Daughter files wrongful death suit against Renaissance at 87th Street nursing home

By Robert Hadley | Jan 20, 2016

CHICAGO—A Cook County woman is suing Renaissance at 87th Street in a dispute surrounding her father's death.

Patient accuses Ingalls Memorial of spinal cord damage during baby's delivery

By Robert Hadley | Jan 20, 2016

CHICAGO – A Cook County woman is suing an anesthetist and Ingalls Memorial Hospital in a dispute involving injuries she suffered during childbirth.

Judge OKs false advertising lawsuit vs Johnson & Johnson over Bedtime Products

By Scott Holland | Jan 20, 2016

An Illinois woman’s false advertising complaint against Johnson & Johnson is allowed to proceed after a judge denied the company’s motion to dismiss, saying the woman had done enough so far to allow her to argue Johnson & Johnson misled her and others into buying products the company claimed were clinically proven to help babies sleep better. Stephanie Leiner, of Chillicothe, filed a class action lawsuit July 2 in federal court in Chicago against N.J.-based Johnson & Johnson.

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