News from January 2016

Judge grants conditional OK to settlement deal to end NCAA concussion litigation

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 27, 2016

A federal judge has signed off on an agreement to settle the bulk of the litigation against the National Collegiate Athletic Association over concussions and other brain injuries suffered by college athletes nationwide. On Tuesday, Jab. 26, U.S. District Judge John Z. Lee granted preliminary approval to the settlement agreement between the NCAA and a potential class of more than 4.4 million student athletes nationwide.

Grossinger Autos says Enterprise owes more than $1 million for defamation to customers over loaner cars

By Scott Holland | Jan 28, 2016

The owners of the Grossinger group of Chicago area car dealerships has asked a Cook County judge to order one of the the nation’s leading rental car operations to pay a toll of more than $1 million for allegedly defaming the auto dealer group in telling customers not to go to Grossinger if they needed a loaner car while their cars were being serviced.

Woman sues hospital, doctor after stillbirth

By Robert Hadley | Jan 28, 2016

A Cook County woman is suing Metro South Medical Center in a dispute surrounding an alleged failure to provide proper care and the stillbirth of her son.

Worker claims job injuries, retaliatory discharge

By Robert Hadley | Jan 28, 2016

A Cook County woman says she was fired by her employer, Flats LLC, for exercising her right to file a workers' compensation claim — or in anticipation of her exercise of that right — after suffering on-the-job injuries.

Seminary sued over claim of elevator flaw

By Robert Hadley | Jan 28, 2016

A Cook County woman says she was injured when she tripped and fell on an elevator at North Park College and Theological Seminary nearly two years ago.

Suit claims security guard hurt senior

By Robert Hadley | Jan 28, 2016

A Cook County woman says a security guard at a senior citizens' complex where she lives knocked her to the floor, causing a concussion.

Cook County woman alleges medical malpractice after daughter's hip surgery

By Serenity Hansberry | Jan 28, 2016

Story Copy CHICAGO –– A Cook county mother is filing law suits against an orthopedic surgeon, and the hospital at which the surgery was performed, claiming that her daughter sustained a serious injury during the surgery due to negligence.

Illinois nuns' lawsuit vs McHenry County over zoning denial could have local, national implications

By Annie Hunt | Jan 28, 2016

An order of Catholic nuns has filed a federal lawsuit against McHenry County for rejecting their proposal to expand facilities at their Northern Illinois Convent, and the case could have farther-reaching repercussions, as the country continues to grapple with questions over the rights of religious adherents and their organizations.

Class action says appliance delivery biz shorted drivers pay by misclassifying them as contractors

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 28, 2016

A group of delivery drivers for a business specializing in the home delivery of appliances, furniture and other products on behalf of a number of retailers, have brought a class action lawsuit against the shipping company, alleging the company has improperly classified its drivers as independent contractors, shorting them earnings in the process.

IL Atty Gen demands telemarketer forfeit more than $1 million pocketed when collecting for charities

By Scott Holland | Jan 29, 2016

Illinois’ attorney general has again set her sights on an Elk Grove telemarketing firm in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging the company kept far too much of the money it purportedly collected on behalf of charities. Lawyers with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Office filed suit Jan. 27 in Cook County Circuit Court against Safety Publications.

Man sues debt collection firm over alleged harassing calls

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

CHICAGO — An Illinois man is suing a consumer debt collector for allegedly making repeated, harassing calls to his cellphone for no reason.

Patient accuses Palos Community Hospital of medical negligence

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County man is suing Palos Community Hospital in a dispute involving alleged ongoing surgical complications associated with prostate surgery.

Patron of ice cream parlor claims negligence led to fall

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County woman says she slipped and fell on a slippery floor at Mi Dulce Michoacana ice cream parlor in Palatine.

John Crane renews demands judge reject 'revolutionary' sanctions sought by Ford over asbestos case actions

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 29, 2016

Lawyers for John Crane Inc. have again asked a Cook County judge to reject demands by Ford Motors and other asbestos co-defendants to punish Crane, saying Ford has asked the court to do "something nothing short of revolutionary" in response to allegations Crane allowed plaintiffs' lawyers to use it as a “shill” to prevent other defendants from moving asbestos cases out of Cook County's courts.

Worker sues McHugh Construction over safety claim

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A construction worker is suing general contractor McHugh Construction for allegedly creating unsafe working conditions.

Limo driver accuses hotel security guard of assault

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County man says a security guard at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place allegedly punched him from behind, breaking his nose without provocation.

Woman sues nursing facility in father's death

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County woman is suing Lakeview Rehab, a skilled nursing facility, claiming her father died there in 2014 from injuries he suffered due to alleged negligence.

Suit claims nursing home's negligence led to injuries

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County woman is suing the Elmwood Care nursing home, claiming that negligence caused her father’s injuries.

Jury OKs $1,500 each to panhandlers who said Cook Sheriff violated rights in barring begging at Daley Plaza

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 29, 2016

A federal jury has awarded two panhandlers $1,500 each, saying Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and his deputies violated their First Amendment rights when prohibiting them from soliciting donations from visitors to and those passing by the Daley Center, the county’s civil courthouse,.

Woman's death prompts lawsuit against cancer specialists

By Robert Hadley | Jan 29, 2016

A Cook County woman says doctors at Illinois Cancer Specialists misdiagnosed her sister’s hepatitis B, leading to liver failure and death.

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