Man sues Aldi's over sidewalk fall

By Bethany Krajelis | Jul 17, 2013

A man using a walker has sued a grocery store chain, claiming it failed to properly maintain the sidewalk he tripped over.

Walter Kohler's lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month inCook County Circuit, seeks a judgment against Aldi Inc. for more than $50,000.

He asserts that as a result of the grocery store’s negligence, he sustained severe and permanent injuries, became disabled and disfigured, suffered a loss in the enjoyment of a normal life and has and will incur medical costs, as well as pain and suffering.

Kohler’s suit stems from his May 2013 visit to Aldi’s on West 159th Street in Orland Hills.

He alleges that he was walking with the use of a three-wheeled walker from the parking lot when he tried to cross a sidewalk near the main entrance and grocery cart area.

The sidewalk, the suit claims, was “uneven and in a broken and defective condition,” causing Kohler to trip and fall to the ground.

He claims that Aldi knew or should have known the sidewalk posed a danger to its customers, especially since it was located in an area with a lot pedestrian traffic and that people of all ages and physical abilities visit the store.

Among other allegations, the suit asserts that Aldi failed to protect its customers from dangerous conditions, properly maintain the sidewalk and warn Kohler and others about the sidewalk’s condition.

Kathryn L. Conway and Todd A. Smith of Powers, Rogers & Smith  P.C. in Chicago filed the suit on behalf of Kohler.

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