Presence St. Joseph Medical Center

A woman's estate is suing the doctors and medical institution that oversaw an organ removal that allegedly wasn't needed and resulted in her death.

Kenneth Crockett, as administrator of the estate of Sheila Ross, filed a complaint June 15 against Drs. Wendy Marshall and Amy Abouzied, and Presence Hospitals PRV, doing business as Presence St. Joseph Medical Center.

On June 12, 2013, the deceased was admitted to Presence St. Joseph for a surgical procedure. 

Beforehand, Ross was in anti-coagulation therapy for some time and had participated in studies that showed "hypervascular vessels surrounding the stomach mass," the lawsuit states. The next day, it states, she had surgery to remove her gallbladder and ovarian cysts.

The defendants are cited with failing to regulate her anti-coagulation leading up to surgery; review all necessary studies; trying a dangerous surgery that allegedly wasn't necessary; cutting blood vessels that should have been avoided; and failing to abort the procedure before the vessels were cut.

As a result, the lawsuit states, a blood vessel was severed, blood was lost and Ross fell into a coma and died on June 20, 2013.

The estate seeks damages of more than $100,000, plus costs. The plaintiff is represented by Charles V. Falkenberg, of Karlin, Fleisher and Falkenberg, of Chicago.

Cook County Circuit Court case number 2015L006039.

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